Friday, 25 March 2011


Ahh, after so many months, this PV still makes me sad every time I watch it... but I guess everyone can relate to these lyrics. 
This was from last week-- eeeekkk I freaked out!
My laptop told me to plug it in:p

And then... some old WIP shots I took to show my friend~ (I work pretty messy!!)

I need to go back to study now! I've got a test on Wednesday, and one on Friday. I don't feel prepared for either of them. I'm really scared:/// Then, I've got a six page essay due on Friday which I've done around five pages (but it sucks badly... I don't want to fail lolz). 

I came back home today and slept for an hour and a bit, did a practice exam when I woke up (that probably wasn't a good idea because I made some really stupid mistakes), washed my hair, did more studying.... I miss drawing already. And cosplaying. I've been going through some more stupido relationship problems-- I just can't make up my mind, so I just keep on worrying about it. I wish it was the holidays then I can just stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself*rage face*

Aiya, whatever will be will be.

Hmm, going to get Alice Overture's artbook soon (formerly Lilium), can't wait, can't wait. I've been listening to VOCALOID albums (loved the first two albums since last year:). My picks are--

Delicious (minato)
magnet (minato)
magnet -favorites plus- (minato)
Romeo and Cinderella (doriko)
supercell (supercell) 
supercell tribute -stowaways- (various)

All these P write such precious lyrics. minato has very heartfelt, touching lyrics which sound so natural with Vocaloid. doriko on the other hand writes beautiful ballads (and I'm going to admit that 'Romeo and Cinderella' has dominated my itunes, surpassing 'Just Be Friends' and 'Flavor of Life'. I still can't believe it). I don't understand how ryo does it, but he can read the minds of every single girl out there!

When I get more time I'm going to give Deco*27 and Hachi a go. They're sure to have great albums. I also listened to Sound Horizon's '-Lost-'. To me, it was a bit easier listening to this story than Marchen^^; I need to look up the lyrics and stuffo when I get time. Anyways, I need to get back to work~ wish me luck, and lots of it:DD

(P.S I passed the JLPT N3. Glad I decided to take it easy and not do N2, otherwise I don't think I could pass with just a mere 2 weeks of study. ふふふふ。)