Monday, 27 February 2017

Anna and Peter's Wedding!

I'm going to do something a bit more different today and share a bit more of my daily/personal life. This was the intent of my blog when I first started in 'blogging' in uni-- I just wanted this to be an online version of what I did day-to-day and share some pictures. From the change in the content of my posts over the years, you can clearly tell that my interests have shifted.

Anna was my first friend in year 7 in high school. She was very smart and came first in the grade for History and English whereas I only came first in the school for Maths (lol, I suck at maths now and hate it). I moved to a selective school in year 8 and although we still kept in touch, we didn't hang around each other as much. In year 11, she applied to come to my school and also moved over to be a selective kid!

In 2013, she got engaged to Peter whom she met at uni and she said that they were going to get married in 2017. Well 2017 finally came and I was super excited to go to Anna's wedding! As usual, Alvo and I hung out together haha (4ever alone).

I was dumb and didn't bring my camera to the wedding or the reception because I thought my brand new shiny phone would take decent enough photos. Wrong. Many of my photos came out blurry. Urgh. Here's a select few which are not blurry.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Nature Republic x EXO Natural Butter Lip Balm 01 Cherry (Baekhyun) & 02 Strawberry (Chen) Review

I saw Nature Republic released these lip balms on my birthday in December 2015. I lusted after these for the longest time, but then rationalised that buying the hand creams were better value. A single lip balm is 6000 won, but you get two tubes of hand cream and a photocard for 6600 won. So I decided not to get the lip balms.

Every time I went wandering around in the city, I would go into one of the many shops which sell Korean and Japanese makeup and look at their testers. I kept on swatching these lip balms and convincing myself that they weren't worth it (even though they smell really, really good). I love the Nature Republic Wild Cherry hand cream that got discontinued a year or two ago and kept on thinking maybe, just maybe, I should pick up the Cherry version of this lip balm because the scent was so similar. Baekhyun (who happens to be my bias) is also on the packaging.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Makeup and Skincare Empties + Review January 2017 (Project Use Up All the Samples 2k17)

Since my year of using up samples and documenting product usage went well throughout 2016, I have decided to continue this 'project' throughout 2017. I am really going to try and cut down my spending on makeup and skincare... but unfortunately, I think my spending has now migrated over to clothes (which is even more expensive orz). Better get that pay rise haha >_>

I got a new phone so I tried to take photos with it rather than taking out my camera (urghhh it breaks my heart that the lens isn't working properly). Honestly, I have no idea why my photos come out blurry and I didn't notice it until I looked that these pictures on the computer. Oh well. And I didn't colour correct the photos soz.

Not a strong start to the year in terms of empties, but it might because I spent a lot of time at home by myself over Christmas/New Year (that or I'm starting to run out of samples)!