Sunday, 31 August 2014

Asian Sheet Mask Haul (Etude House, The Face Shop, My Scheming, My Beauty Diary, Missha, Innisfree) and Quick Review

(31/8/14: Work in progress, I've picked up ten billion other boxes of masks since I've drafted this post in February. My favourites are Leaders Insolution and My Beauty Diary)

I love sheet masks. Unfortunately, it's an expensive habit I've developed for something a one time use item. They're fantastic for nourishment and for giving your skin a bit of pampering throughout the week. I used to think that $3 a sheet is a pretty good deal and the most I've paid for one mask is $4.50 (The Face Face Vita C Gel Mask).

Personally, I would not pay for more than $1.50 a sheet mask anymore, and you can easily find good deals around Sydney. Here are the masks I used last year (and some quick thoughts):


My very first sheet masks of 2013! I decided to venture out and try them in around February. Missha has since closed down in the QVB. 

Jolse Haul and Review #2

I've purchased from Jolse and their ebay shop a few times before, but this is my most recent haul from them (I'll put up haul #1 another time haha orz)! I've also had a Testerkorea and a Roseroseshop package from earlier this year. I've also gotten a package from my dad/ friend in Hong Kong, and purchased so many things from a new shop in the city called Kim Sun Young. And I'm thinking of ordering more stuff from Roseroseshop soon coz they have free shipping for Mizon items. I'll put them up another time:D

As always, Jolse has lovely customer service. They have 10% off sales on Tony Moly, Missha, Innisfree, and Etude house every week of the month, other special deals, and a Facebook giveaway every Wednesday. On top of that, they have quite a nice reward program where you can accumulate mileage points to use on your next purchase.

They have world wide free shipping, and you are guaranteed to get three free samples with every purchase. These benefits stack up. For example:

One item: 3 samples 

Over 2 items: +3 samples and blotting paper

Over $20: pore strip

Over $40: free tracking number

Over $50: free sheet mask

Jolse's site crashed for around a week mid July, so they had a store wide 15% off sale along with extra gifts and vouchers for when they opened back up. Perfect timing as I had just finished my Ohui essence and cream, my Nivea foaming cleanser was up to its last days, and my Etude House BB deep cleanser was also running out. I was looking for a new moisturising toner and had been wanting to purchase OR205 for a long time... this was my chance to pick it up at a great price!

The package^^