Monday, 7 January 2013

Dotting stars

I felt like dotting some stars. I'm not sure why there is such a decline in quality when I open my file as a jpg and when I view it as a submission. I've seen this happen quite a lot to my pieces. Not sure if it's because I keep on converting between SAI and PSD files on SAI and Photoshop. This happens even if I do not resize my pictures (i.e. this picture).

Going to hang out with Chris tomorrow and avoid temperatures of 36-39 degrees by staying in strictly air conditioned buildings. Yay.

 My package also arrived today! I'll write about it another time:)

Friday, 4 January 2013

Birthday gift from King--

*ugly crying*

King-sama is too kind. To be honest I was sort of upset from mid to end of December last year (and no one remembers my birthday anyway because it's so close to Christmas/ friends are on holidays/ nobody who curr about miii). I haven't really been anywhere on the internet except for AFF for a few months.

I really can't believe King remembered from early 2011.

Nurse Joy said happy birthday to me in Pokemon White. Because I am a loser with no friends and I played Pokemon for most of the day on my birthday. Just joking. I was actually called to work.

Birthday gift from Liz and Jonathan. We won this at Galaxy World! Actually, neither of them knew it was my birthday the day after we won it (and they still don't) but it's very touching that they would still win me this huge toy because I said I wanted it. I love this Rilakkuma!

Christmas gift from Wilson. My red 3DS is so classy now. I gave him three Angry Birds key chains.

We hung around until very late on Christmas Eve and had Japanese food. Afterwards, we braved the rain to see the Christmas displays at Myer and the Christmas tree at Martin Place. Martin Place train station was a riot. Every single advertisement on the platform, the escalator, and the tunnel going outside was for Apple's ipod mini. I'm not even joking. We then stayed at Pancakes on the Rocks and got through half a portion of short stacks:D

Edwin also gave me a rectangular box of chocolates from Haigh's (the new fancy chocolate shop from QVB). Fruit chocolates with liquor. They were delicious. I used to be a little wary of him, but he is definitely a nice guy.

I went to see the NYE fireworks with Tu, tall Alvin, and Tim. Due to lack of planning (not on my part of course!) things did not go smoothly. But all in all, it was still a great night and we had fun. I managed to get home just before 3am!