Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Nature Republic: Hand & Nature (aka Nature Republic EXO's Hand Cream) Review/ Baekhyun and Luhan's Pick

I haven't really seen many reviews of these hands creams by Nature Republic floating around so I thought I'd give my two cents. Ever since EXO started endorsing Nature Republic, I've actually taken up the want to try something besides their highly raved Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (which is still on my wishlist). Looks like their marketing ploy is working. Just according to keikaku ಠ_ಠ

There are more varieties in this hand cream series than even EXO can endorse:

I purchased Baekhyun's Apple Mango and Luhan's Wild Cherry from Testerkorea for 4620 won each (normal price is 6600 won). 

Contents: 30ml/ 1.01 fl. oz. Packaged in a sturdy plastic tube with the label printed on the plastic (as opposed to having a sticker or being painted on... like Innisfree's hand cream).

Application: Apply an appropriate amount onto your hands, and gently pat for absorption.


My Thoughts

Apple Mango: Smells delicious! Definitely has more of an over-powering mango scent and a tiny hint of apple at the end. It probably smells distinctly different compared to the pure Mango one, but it definitely smells like mango more than anything else.

Wild Cherry: I love this one so, so much! Not only is the packaging adorable with pink, white, and red cherry blossoms and cherries, it smells divine~ It's got that artificial cherry candy/ medicine smell (which I enjoy a lot). 

I wish I purchased more varieties of these hand creams! I'm intrigued by Chanyeol's Avocado one, Sehun's Grapefruit, and D.O's Raspberry.

They are non-greasy and moderately moisturising for the in between seasons such as Spring/Autumn. You only need a tiny amount to make your hands all nice and soft. The fragrance fades into a very subtle scent quite quickly after application (I just kept on sniffing my hands to relive that little moment of happiness). It definitely isn't as strong as some of the other hand creams I've tried which can double up as perfume...

I think they are worth the purchase if you are a hand cream enthusiast. Or want to support Nature Republic x EXO. Thank you EXO for introducing me to these hand creams... though I probably won't get your lip balms as tempting as they may be. 

- portable 30ml size! Economical as it's something you can finish
- many variations
- subtle (but delicious) scent
- EXO (need I say more)

- availability restrictions (I haven't found anywhere in Sydney which stocks these, but it may be different for you;)
- this is a cream, not a butter which I prefer

/ 5


Love love love <3 Can I get all of these please?

I finally quit my job at the hobby store. It was quite sad. I'll miss checking out all the anime figures we had, especially the Madoka and Nekomura Irhoa ones. But I don't miss people judging my Gundam/ K&S/ Airbrush/ diecast aircraft/ car/ train knowledge. Dude, what if I judged your pixiv/ Touhou/ NND knowledge??

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