Monday, 10 December 2012

Love sick

Constant artblock! I haven't drawn in so long, my anatomy is going backwards and getting worse and worse... if that's possible. I did a rough one of Exit Tune's new Vocaloid 3 Mayu yesterday. I love that she's a yandere goth loli. She even has an axe covered with sweet loli bows:DD

Does anyone think her design is really similar to Namine Ritsu's? Or is it just me?

Seriously, it took me ages to figure out what was happening in SAI. I thought that my canvas size was displayed on the side, and I was wondering why every time I did a short-cut for changing sizes, it wasn't displayed at the side. Turns out I was looking at opacity the entire time orz. Fail much...? I'd like to draw more, but it's not coming to me. Maybe after I finish playing the last route of 999, Kirby Mass Attack, and finishing off PKMN White?

I PRE-ORDERED NAMIE-KUN'S NEW ARTBOOK A FEW WEEKS AGO ZOMG. Get your pre-order of Phantasmagoria here. My only doujin purchase of this year. I know it'll be worth it because I enjoyed her last Touhou release immensely.

I've been feeling really love sick recently. Not sure how though because it doesn't make sense. But I'm feeling it. My layyydehhhh, baybehhh dunnn creyyyy x 1000 EXO feels.

My birthday is coming up this weekend! I gave a huge shopping list for my friend in HK. Haha, so that's where the money from my new job is going huh.

I'd also like to do a mass post of my artbook collection and all the nice makeup I've accumulated in 2012. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Kids Alpacasso; べーJr.

My friend Alanna won him from the UFO machines at the Capitol. He's so, so, soooooo cute >__<
His little tail... little feet...floppy ears... furrrrrr (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) But don't worry Tofu, I haven't forgotten about your cuteness.

I cannot.

Ever since I saw Kris from Exo-M carry around his son Ace... I thought these alpacas were cute.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Old drawing

 It got compressed to ugly! ;u; HQ version available @anipan and @dA I haven't uploaded it at pixiv yet >_>

Friday, 7 September 2012

I saw Nu'est and RLAB

So stressed... the day before yesterday, my usb decided to corrupt/ delete everything on it by itself (along with my written drafts...). I had not backed up my drafts for around 9 days because I've been working off my usb in the labs and studying (i.e., not writing) at home. I had re-written at least 10 paragraphs and not re-saved them onto my laptop or anywhere else. Stupid, I know.

Luckily, I managed to recover my introduction and results draft, but the usb decided to eat up my method draft and some of the random ideas and references I had for my discussion. Lesson learned. SAVE EVERYWHERE. Everything you think that may go wrong will go wrong D: Just like that time I snapped my glasses whilst changing into uniform on the day of a very, very important 9am exam. I can't see 10cm in front of me without glasses...

It's times like these, you need to ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO*.

* patiently waiting for EXO's comeback. Are they really going to release 'Let Out the Beast'? Please say yessssss. And 'Baby Don't Cry'.


I saw Nu'est a few weeks ago! Ren is really, really, pretty in person (tall and slim) and Aron's American accent ;lakjdf;kajsf;asd. JR is very handsome, and his smile (!) makes you want to smile too. Baekho's so sweet. When it wasn't his turn to dance or sing, he broke out of his position to wave to the audience~ and he waved in my general direction hahaha...  I didn't pay much attention to Minhyun coz I was too busy staring at Ren and Aron:/

I lined up for 4 hours, and just managed to get inside-- only the first 700 or so people were allowed inside the venue. I met some really nice girls in the line. They went to the Nu'est fanmeet at 7am (skipped school), then went to the kpop store in China Town-- and bumped into Nu'est there! Lucky girls. I think it's really cute how they brought presents and handwritten notes for the boys.

Candice (who I met in line) got her shirt signed by Aron. She almost got a hug from him too! 

Le blurry phone photo of the ticket
Girls I met in line... they were really nice and fun to talk to :D

So many fangirls running out of their seats after 'Face'. Nu'est all simultaneously took five steps back. 

So much screaming... 

This was Nu'est's tour van. No joke. There were multiple suns on the side of the van. Their manager is pretty good looking >_>

Uh, I was waiting for my dad to pick up at the gate 2 carpark @ UNSW around two hours after the event... and guess who I bumped into. So many people screaming when they came out. I guess there were only around 80 or so people waiting outside. Baekho did a heart from the window. Awwww. I waved at him again:)

The event was great! There were 10 singing acts and 10 dancing acts.

The group that won first prize for the dance competition did an amazing cover of SHINee's 'Sherlock'. Two dance groups did EXO-K's version of 'History' and Nu'est asked them why they didn't choose one of their songs to do a dance cover lol. There were also dance covers of  2NE1's 'I Am the Best', SHINee's 'Lucifer', SHINee's 'Love Like Oxygen' and some MissA and 2PM. I clearly only remembered SHINee stuff.

Time to get some motivation and back to late night working!

/I will come out of my cave in around a month and a half.

Friday, 20 July 2012

More Reimu

Yeah. I don't really like this, but whatever, I had fun attempting to paint a background.

Friday, 22 June 2012

My name is Cherry


I liek yandere too much
Yangire is also good
So is tsundere
And other types of dere

I really like her expression, and the pose, and the blood, and the angle, and the blurring of the foreground, and the sub, and the screencap idea, and Panou. Hehe.

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Lines done around October 2011 for a collab, but I don't think he wants to colour it in anymore:( Not procrastinating at all. >_> <_>_> ... okay, I'm going back to my essay after that 2 hour break.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Why is it now that thumbnails work? Must have been another temperamental net problem:( Will go back and fix the coding later.

Stress-relief sketch for the amazing Itemilicious~ except, like I have zero imagination and put her OC Aya back in the same situation I referenced her from. I read an interesting colouring tutorial, so the pencil and paper sketch ended up being crappily lined and then coloured... along with a dodgy looking background-___-;;

In other news, Kangin Oppa is going to be leaving the army tomorrow \0/ I do like his voice and his presence on variety shows:D It's also my yr7 bestie's b'day tomorrow~ gotta think of a cool message to write to her:'D

Friday, 13 April 2012

Free sketches and SuJu SS4 tickets

I got some really beautiful free sketches from itemilicious and superstarpanou who were doing the '10 free sketches' thing. Don't know why, but theOtaku links are not working so I can't link Temi's beautiful sketches here... likewise, for Panou's, the dA html code says it's broken!! WHY *flips table*
One day I need to do a compilation post of all the beautiful art trades and gift art I've gotten these three years I've been drawing:(

These girls are so talented and kind ;u; I really want to do the sketches thing as well, but I don't think I can get 10 people to request, and I'm constantly busy and in an art-blocked state.

BUT today-- my ticket and Maryn's ticket to Super Show 4 in Sydney arrived in the mail. Pew pew ~ yeahhhh.

I'm so sleepy at the moment... actually I'm sleepy all the time. I always feel like I haven't done much in a day and I've probably been slacking off again. Back to typing notes and doing research-____-

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Art trade

Quick sketch trade with superstarpanou from theO. I did a quick colour and all^^ BUT WRY SAI U CORRUPT ON ME AGAIN. This year, I'm drawing a lot of empty space. Yum.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Fubuki hair! Che, I forgot to fix up a mistake and it's bugging me so much, but I can't be bothered to change it because I already merged all the layers together.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Day ???

Haven't drawn anything in ages, so I did a little even though I have stuff due tomorrow ><

*sigh* I'm too obsessed with Super Junior at the moment. Wayyyy too much.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Draw this again meme (brb dying...)

Nov 2010/ March 2012
Looks like I draw more shota now:D I haven't drawn any guys for over a year.
This year is already getting stressful *rolls on floor* So many deadlines homg.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Brain dead

Over loaded with information (and boredom...) so I spent two hours organising my cosplay wardrobe, prints from friends at cons, vacuuming, sewing back buttons onto my jacket etc. 

A quick doodle of Seiga. All the TD characters are evil because they gang up on you D: SAI WRRRRYY CORRUPT FILE. Oh well. I knew she was corrupted. [edit] It's fixed now! Probably coz my net was wonky that day.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Fluffy stuffo

Stress-relief drawing; approx 2-3 hours. It was fun using crayon and acrylic for this^^b Thank you for taking it to today's top 8 and for placing me (currently) at number 5 for the weekly rankings on theO. I've never been there before D:

Special thanks to Darkarax who made this picture into a beautiful wallpaper called 'When the Light Fades'. Shocked. Honestly. And the wallpaper also made it to today's top 8 *hi5*

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Early picture for Miku Day (3/9). At least it's early. I'm really surprised... but this picture made it to 'Today's Top 8' on theO. Thanks!
everythingIdrawlooksthesame  Practice makes perfect right?!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Smiths Vegemite Chips

I actually read about this in the paper and purchased them the day they came out (at Coles!). They were fairly expensive back then, but I think they taste great-- just like Vegemite. I would eat Vegemite with potatoes, so Vegemite flavoured chips are perfectly reasonable. 

My stash of Vegemite for the exam period during Oct- Nov 2011