Sunday, 28 August 2011

Romeo and Cinderella

Sketch says 27th of March 2011 lohohoho it look me that long to colour it (exactly 5 months orz). やっとpixivでうpした! Also at theO. Except at like 3am so there wasn't anyone online pffffttt oh well. From 'Romeo and Cinderella' ^^b. Oh crap I just noticed the lace isn't even a;lkjadk;fasf I'll fix it up for dA.

I hadn't picked up my tablet in over a month, and I guess I had no more self control. I think I spent 4 hours drawing/ colouring yesterday. I did a sketch I'm relatively happy with-- to the stage where I'm going to take it to the printers A4 size. Guess I'll colour it in November or whenever I have time:(

And also from last night/ early hours of this morning--

Why doesn't transparent .png show? I turned it back to .jpg~ lol at the soul gem.

And something old I did touch-ups for from last year-_-;;