Thursday, 24 November 2011


Pikari is a model from 'Popteen'. I just wanted to try something different, using crayon and the brush tool-__-; This was done fairly quickly... but not that quick because I procrastinate and started singing to my ipod half-way through orz.

Hmmm, yesterday I went out with Alvin and we watched 'In Time'. A very interesting concept, and now I'm even more scared of dystopias than before. He got me a Touhou shirt! Unfortunately, it looks like a tent on me.

I just checked rankings and I'm number 3?? T-thank you OTL.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Finally grabbed some time to finish this off. I'm still currently working on three other things and trying to finish reading 'The Lost Symbol' in two days. If I wasn't going to the cinemas tomorrow I'm sure I could finish it... I think I spent more time idling on the computer today than reading, but I read more than 300 pages so that must be a good sign.

Friday, 11 November 2011

11.11.11 Pepero/ Pocky/ Millennium Day

Ah, tbh I don't feel like drawing because I've been doing a lot for the past 2 days. It's also Rememberance Day and Azu-nyan's birthday. But Happy Pepero Day~ my friend sent me some pictures over skype early this morning. So cute =w=
Uh, so I'm back to watching Macross Frontier.

WIP from earlier today; 

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kwasabiyori00d / caidychen / KD's signature + some prints.


He signed my Alice the First for me ;u;  
Mama-chan is the best for taking my book to Manifest (she's so cool, so talented at drawing... beasts, backgrounds, anime style, realistic, and creative in general. Traditional and digital. Of course she dresses well, in an artsy sort of way:D)

She even got me a print from Cherriuki (for free) of Cardcaptor Sakura. As a surprise she got it signed *cries buckets of tear* 
It didn't really survive the plane trip from Melbourne back to Sydney in pristine condition and it kept on rolling up... so I had to put my Touhou book on top of it^ ^

DRRR! print by Mama-chan. Hrngggg Kida-kun. You can't see Izaya's face here very well, but let's just say his face looks... really... handsome. Anri is also covered:( 

Back to assignments. I've been raging since yesterday since my ipod decided to explode dead pixels all over the place for no reason. Reading forums, I've found that most people who had this problem were owners of the 5th generation ipod classic (my model). I left it aside for the rest of the day, and when I woke up this morning, the lines got longer.
Sucks because I just transfered10GB of anime there so I could watch it on the train. I've only had my ipod for two years... is this a conspiracy? Music still works fine, but I can't watch videos now:( 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Handwriting meme and things I'll never finish

Did this a few months ago when I was bored. Tried to do a Vocaloid one, but I'm still bad at sketching directly from tablet (YOKKORASE-X, sekkusuuuu~ argggghhhhh). 

Stuff from last year.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Animania 2011 (day 1) + SMASHHHH

It was great day catching up with cosplay friends and forgetting about assignments/ tests!! I did Shana cos again:) I only bought a Saturday pass, but the person at the door who exchanged tags for tickets misunderstood and ended up giving me a weekend pass (worth twice the price I paid). I would have gone again on Sunday if I wasn't buried underneath piles of assignments:(

And as usual, encountered lots of nice people, but also some extremely conceited cosplayers and photographers. I really think next time when people gather around to take photos, I should whip out my camera and take a photo of the camekos... seriously, having 30 mobbing you every step you take is a little... overwhelming at times. I don't really know how some people cope.

Four years of cosplay later... my eye has stopped twitching from the flashes and my face doesn't hurt anymore when I smile so much in a day^^


 FUUUUUU I hate you for always making your FF weapons taller than me:/ Losing by 3cm OTL. My Nietono no Shana is better than yours *poke poke*

Thank you to the guys at Alice Overture for giving me a very,very special price on the Touhou Anomalous Divination set and some free prints (yay for friends and connections).
This was my mini stash for the day, it cost me 30 bucks =w=


I believe that there are still a few copies left~ tbh, I think the hard cover book + bag + tarot set is extremely overpriced for $50, but I understand that getting them printed and shipped over to Australia cost them a lot, and they need to make a profit.

These were my artbooks from Smash ($70 zomg I feel bad about spending that much on three tiny books, but what can you do ;_____;). Ask for a discount?? Will review them in a few months hahaha.Well, one of them is from Singapore and the other is from Malaysia, and I got it cheaper here than what they were selling it for over there at their conventions.

I did two cosplays~ Ciel and Imitation Black Len. My Ciel looked derpy coz of my crappy eyepatch (and I hate the way I put the zipper on my pants:/). It was too hottttt and I changed after two or three hours to a more airy cosplay.


Still incomplete cosplay-- need to change my makeup and maybe get some black lipstick, sew on some shoulder sleeve things, get a garter and do the trims on the corset and cut my wig more -_____-;;

So much for procrastination. Back to assignments...

Friday, 9 September 2011


^ lewl what a lame pun エイヤッ↑(/>_<)/

Happy Cirno day, 9th of September!! Good on Namie for doing a 9-9 LS. I went on for 5mins but her skype and sound was lagging-_-; Then I went back to studying. I put together these progress pictures of Cirno awhile ago, and today is the perfect time to put it up.

Now that I think about it, I can't believe I used to draw so much with a mouse...

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Romeo and Cinderella

Sketch says 27th of March 2011 lohohoho it look me that long to colour it (exactly 5 months orz). やっとpixivでうpした! Also at theO. Except at like 3am so there wasn't anyone online pffffttt oh well. From 'Romeo and Cinderella' ^^b. Oh crap I just noticed the lace isn't even a;lkjadk;fasf I'll fix it up for dA.

I hadn't picked up my tablet in over a month, and I guess I had no more self control. I think I spent 4 hours drawing/ colouring yesterday. I did a sketch I'm relatively happy with-- to the stage where I'm going to take it to the printers A4 size. Guess I'll colour it in November or whenever I have time:(

And also from last night/ early hours of this morning--

Why doesn't transparent .png show? I turned it back to .jpg~ lol at the soul gem.

And something old I did touch-ups for from last year-_-;;

Monday, 4 July 2011


From 2-3am. My sleep:( Oh well, it's holidays, so I can afford uh, /some/ late nights. At least I learnt how to play mahjong yesterday, and killed Wii bowling!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Cell shading

Ah ha ha... I think I forgot how to cell shade:( No sketch today, because I went out for the entire day! Only the cell shade I did at 2am-_-; Going to work on my cosplay now.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Rin; Project Diva

Whoooooo I'm actually doing one sketch a day (but not full CG). I guess I'll do that in the holidays. Need to work on cosplay now lkajdf;a I hate sewing.

I tried to help an older lady (she said she was 88 yrs old) off the bus today and she said 'But you're so tiny dear, I feel I should be helping you. I don't want to do your back in.' D: D: D:

 Perspective fail! Clothing fail! Hand fail! Eyes fail! Hair fail! The only thing I like about this drawing is her bow:( 

Old... from Fruits Basket (whee Akito~!)

Tenshi; even older-_-;; I think this was the only thing I tried to do in exam period.

Whoo, 2am sketches + colouring is always going to be awkward... especially the anatomy *A*

Thursday, 30 June 2011


Another sketch (I'm too lazy to finish off three of my 'big' cg pictures... though I really want to. I forgot to save them back on my usb so they're on my desktop which my brother hogs all the time:/). Lewl, looks like a looks like a schz drawing---

Miku from Hachi's 'Musunde Hiraite Rasetsu to Mukuro' -->

sketch for today

S-so messy; why did I try to do it all on one layer first?

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Kawakami Tomoko

Steel just informed me of Kawakami Tomoko's passing at age 41 on the 9th of June (haven't really been on the internet due to srs studying)... very sad:( She voiced one of my favourite KEY characters-- Misuzu from Air.
Old sketch of Misuzu
She'll definitely be missed.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Project Diva 2.5

So there are new outfits~
(I don't own any gaming consoles except for an old game boy, but I just wanted to say, the last mystery Miku looks like SPiCa! I love that song by とくp and video by refeia^^b).

Friday, 22 April 2011

Alice the First// Alice Overture 2010-2011 Collection

I finally got this artbook!!

This book is pretty big, so I couldn't fit the whole thing in my webcam picture. I think it's around 40pages. The pictures are beautiful~ but once again, every single picture is on the internet, and there's nothing new in it at all. The book is mostly dominated by President-Violent (暴力社长), rosen (rosene) and neon (雪桜桜). I'm a little disappointed that KD only has one featured picture even though they listed him as one of the 'artists' of the book.

The book is nicely laid out with four movements: Original, Vocaloid, Touhou and Misc. I've noticed that when you flip through the pages, it actually goes 'Movement 1: Original, Movement 3: Touhou, Movement 2: Vocaloids, Movement 4: Misc' and noticed a few typos:O Actually I've noticed a few typos in a few other doujin I have...
Though the pages feel nice, the quality isn't that great. You can see all the scratches on the black pages and on the cover. It kills me that the middle isn't stapled properly and that some of the pictures aren't absurdres and pixelated.

Oh yes, the most exciting part is that it's signed!

This is the picture my friend put on facebook a few hours before he gave me the book... at least you can see the full cover T^T I heard it retailed for $20, and even though I got it for free, I think it is worth the purchase *adds to collection*

Oh yeah, finished this little bit off today~~

Sunday, 10 April 2011

extra bossu!

I hardly play Touhou 6 but I tried the extra stage just then (first try!) and ended up seeing Flandre (oooohhh I love her theme <3 Credits to Steel for helping me find the link to some lovely arranges). Finished 44.9% of the extra stage (lolz, I only took one of her ten lives). 

I've only ever seen Mokou in playing extra bosses. I'm not very good at games, but I want to play more in the holidays! So busy at the moment-- have to study, study, assignment, assignment. But I've been lazy a bit and stayed up late to go on art sites and stuff:/ 
WIP from awhile ago. Don't get to draw much these days T_T Saw I got on the leaderboard rankings today on theO. Yeah. I wish Namie-kun and Lulu could save their livestreams so I can go back and watch them. I've only caught them on twice~ I like watching them draw and listening to their chat. My friend said he got me my artbookkkkkk!! Just have to wait for it to be delivered now:D

Oh yes, and a few weeks ago I entered Juu-Yuki's OC contest. This is my entry =w=

Juu Yuki OC Contest by ~cheriepy on deviantART

There are so many beautiful entries I don't think I even stand a chance ;______;

Monday, 4 April 2011


I just read that one of my favourite cosplayers Saya has passed away. I've always loved Saya's characters (she was especially good at doing leggy/ busty characters like Yoko), and she was one of the reasons why I got into cosplay (of Japanese cosplayers, it was Kipi, Arisa and Saya for me). This is truly very sad. RIP Saya.

(some beautiful pictures of her)

Friday, 25 March 2011


Ahh, after so many months, this PV still makes me sad every time I watch it... but I guess everyone can relate to these lyrics. 
This was from last week-- eeeekkk I freaked out!
My laptop told me to plug it in:p

And then... some old WIP shots I took to show my friend~ (I work pretty messy!!)

I need to go back to study now! I've got a test on Wednesday, and one on Friday. I don't feel prepared for either of them. I'm really scared:/// Then, I've got a six page essay due on Friday which I've done around five pages (but it sucks badly... I don't want to fail lolz). 

I came back home today and slept for an hour and a bit, did a practice exam when I woke up (that probably wasn't a good idea because I made some really stupid mistakes), washed my hair, did more studying.... I miss drawing already. And cosplaying. I've been going through some more stupido relationship problems-- I just can't make up my mind, so I just keep on worrying about it. I wish it was the holidays then I can just stay in bed all day and feel sorry for myself*rage face*

Aiya, whatever will be will be.

Hmm, going to get Alice Overture's artbook soon (formerly Lilium), can't wait, can't wait. I've been listening to VOCALOID albums (loved the first two albums since last year:). My picks are--

Delicious (minato)
magnet (minato)
magnet -favorites plus- (minato)
Romeo and Cinderella (doriko)
supercell (supercell) 
supercell tribute -stowaways- (various)

All these P write such precious lyrics. minato has very heartfelt, touching lyrics which sound so natural with Vocaloid. doriko on the other hand writes beautiful ballads (and I'm going to admit that 'Romeo and Cinderella' has dominated my itunes, surpassing 'Just Be Friends' and 'Flavor of Life'. I still can't believe it). I don't understand how ryo does it, but he can read the minds of every single girl out there!

When I get more time I'm going to give Deco*27 and Hachi a go. They're sure to have great albums. I also listened to Sound Horizon's '-Lost-'. To me, it was a bit easier listening to this story than Marchen^^; I need to look up the lyrics and stuffo when I get time. Anyways, I need to get back to work~ wish me luck, and lots of it:DD

(P.S I passed the JLPT N3. Glad I decided to take it easy and not do N2, otherwise I don't think I could pass with just a mere 2 weeks of study. ふふふふ。)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Leaderboard Rankings (again, again)!!

It was such a surprise to log on to theotaku today, and find myself at number 2:DD

My picture was also number two on the front page. I wasn't too happy with the picture, but I'm glad people took time to look at it.

Yeah, I don't know why random things keep on popping up on my laptop screen from the top; I just ignore it-__-;

(edit: I logged in another 12 hours later... I was still number three:O)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How nostalgic

My dad just got back home from the library and shoved this book about Japanese Animation in my face.There was a picture of Ikkyu san (we called it 'yut yow'). I didn't know it was called that~ I remember watching it as a kid when I lived in Hong Kong during the ages of five to around seven *starts bawling* I still have episodes of it on VHS in Cantonese. Myanimelist just informed me there are 298 episodes. I-I don't think I've seen that many.

I would totally watch it all if I had the time and patience.

When I went to Kinkakuji in 2005 and 2008, my mum pointed out that was where he lived! I was always upset when they talked about his separation issues with his mother, and how he got a man tou tied around him when he was a baby:( でもね、本当に懐かしすぎる!OPとEDは今聞いているんだ。

I saw a girl I gifted chibi bait to on tinierme had a hard time accepting 'crappy gifts from people'. In that case I wish I could take back my gift you *$#%&. I don't mind if people give me doubles of what I already own or items that aren't rare. I'm always up for presents. I just thought I'd give bait because it's usable and on sale AND OH LOOK the event this week requires you to catch 20 fish a day. Isn't that nice?

*sigh* I wish I had the patience to finish this already... after 4 months.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Namie-kun's Tohou artbook arrived!!

It actually arrived on Monday (the 7th~ it is now the 12th) at my front door. I was so happy and full of squee. She packaged it nicely with the extra goodies inside the book. I was wondering how the prints would come-- but the book was bigger in dimensions than I expected it to be.
Time for some shoddy webcam pictures which I took to show Steel of
The extras I got with it! Bunbunmaru (amusing read... Cirno Shimeji!!1), Vocaloid 'MUSIC' print and a special chibi print.

 I asked her to sign it for me! And she did! Says 'Thankyou for for Preorder' lol~ she even drew a Reimu <3

The prints are on a thin, shiny photo-paper like texture. It's very good quality, but I'm so scared of wreaking them if I put it on my wall. I'm usually less weary with just... paper prints:D

NOW the book itself is amazing. There truely is over 40 pieces that have not touched the internet, and there are probably around 60 or so in the book. The first half or so of the book has a more background/ concept art/ sketchy feel (which I love). Kinda like the stuff she posts on her blog here. She manages to fit around four pictures on a single sided page.

It then diverges onto the stuff she posts on dA, and things that look more 'polished'. Then finally, guest art.

I have nothing bad to say about this. I love it. Heck you'd probably like it even if you aren't into Touhou. And if she released anything else I would buy it (even though this book cost me a month's worth of pocket monniez).

And then last Sunday my dad's friend's wife and daughter came to Australia for a short holiday before the daughter stays behind here to study (lol, does this sentence even make sense?). She got me some Bourjois mascara and eyeliner. Sad because I just opened my fiberwig... and sad again because I don't use pencil eyeliner.
... sad for a third time because even someone I've met three times knows that I need to cover up my face to go outside:/ Nahh, but it's okay, I wear significantly less eyeliner nowadays than when I was 13 partly because I wanted to look like Billie Joe.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Namie-kun's Touhou artbook update II

(small review on the artbook here -->

OMG;klajdf;kajdf I was the first winner for a print (order number 4)! SO HAPPY ;u; I chose the Vocaloid one. Hopefully I'll get that too~ I asked Namie-kun to sign the book for me. Since I was one of the first fifteen to order, I also recieve a never before seen print *waku waku* , a pre- order discount and a secret gift (something to do with Ayayaayayaa).
I also just saw 'The Green Hornet' today with my friends in the city. Hey, it was actually good. I still don't know who Jay Chau is, but he looks cool doing martial arts:D
Old WIP:
When I was colouring this, I thought it looked like Byakuren. Everything looks like Touhou to me.

I was playing around with my Rin/ Len shimeji, and look what they did? Dawww, so adora-bubble I want to huggle them.

I did this last year to remind myself of the SAI tools. There's not that many, and yet I still haven't actually figured how to utilze everything 100%. For instance, pen and inkpen look the same to me, but apparently inkpen is 40% sharper. I like the pen tool more.