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Asian Sheet Mask Haul (Etude House, The Face Shop, My Scheming, My Beauty Diary, Missha, Innisfree) and Quick Review

(31/8/14: Work in progress, I've picked up ten billion other boxes of masks since I've drafted this post in February. My favourites are Leaders Insolution and My Beauty Diary)

I love sheet masks. Unfortunately, it's an expensive habit I've developed for something a one time use item. They're fantastic for nourishment and for giving your skin a bit of pampering throughout the week. I used to think that $3 a sheet is a pretty good deal and the most I've paid for one mask is $4.50 (The Face Face Vita C Gel Mask).

Personally, I would not pay for more than $1.50 a sheet mask anymore, and you can easily find good deals around Sydney. Here are the masks I used last year (and some quick thoughts):


My very first sheet masks of 2013! I decided to venture out and try them in around February. Missha has since closed down in the QVB. 

What: Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask
Origin: Korea
Where: Missha (physical store)
Price: $3.00 each (not pictured: Aloe, Raspberry)
Varieties I purchased:

Green Teahydrates and brightens with Green Tea Extract
Pearlbrightens and vitalizes with Pearl Extract
Tea Treeanti-trouble with Tea Tree Extract
Pomegranatevitalizes and firms with Pomegranate Extract
Aloesoothes and moisturizes with Aloe Extract
Raspberrynourishes and firms with Raspberry Extract

(Descriptions taken from Missha US)

Favourite: Green Tea, only because of the smell and it was the least painful
Least Favourite: Raspberry 

All of them gave you a tingly sensation when you put them on. After around 5 minutes, it may start stinging and your face becomes itchy. There was quite a lot of drippy essence and your face is moisturised when you remove the sheet mask. I did not see any of the improvements in accordance to the specialised functions as stated by Missha (see above).

2/ 5

Fitting was dismal. Eyes and mouth holes were overly large and it did not fit my nose very well.

I wouldn't re-purchase. Back that, I only had Missha sheet masks to compare with The Face Shop and I liked Missha better. 

The Face Shop:

What: The Face Shop Essential Mask Sheet
Origin: Korea
Where: The Face Shop (physical store)
Price: $2.50 each
Varieties I purchased:

Collagen- concentrated collagen to keep the skin elastic and moist


Overly slimy. The essence did not absorb into my face very well and I could feel it dripping down my neck and onto my clothes when I was lying back and trying to relax. Fitting was terrible! Worse than Missha by a long shot. The only redeeming thing was that the formula did not sting.

What: The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Sheet
Origin: Korea
Where: The Face Shop (physical store)
Price: $3.00 each
Varieties I purchased:

Pomegranate (earlier 2013 packaging) - A mask sheet that has pomegranate extract which is rich in Vitamin B1 & B2, as well as mineral. Gives elasticity and glossy look


I liked this variety better than the 'Essential Mask Sheet' range. This was on par with the Missha Pomegranate mask and it smelt so yummy and delicious. Unfortunately, the fitting wasn't great but the formula was not overly drippy.

What: The Face Shop Hydro Gel Mask Sheet
Origin: Korea
Where: The Face Shop (physical store)
Price: $4.50 each
Varieties I purchased:

Vita C (Blood Orange Extract)- A clarifying hydro-gel mask that provides full hydration to skin


I actually enjoyed this mask quite a lot. It was my first time using a hydro gel mask and I liked that the mask had a gauze like material which is very difficult to rip. The mask comes in halves-- one for the top half of your your face, and another for the bottom half. Because of this design, the mask fits very closely to your face. This mask did not feel particularly moisturising afterwards but it felt pretty damn good when you had it on your face.

I'd like to purchase the other varieties (especially the Vita B with Starfruit extracts), but am unlikely to due to the price per sheet.

Etude House:

What: Etude House It's Real Mask Sheet
Origin: Korea
Where: BLUSH (physical store)
Price: $2.95 each 
Varieties I purchased:

Broccoli - antioxidant care
Carrot - brightening care

No favourite:/


This mask had the same problem as the collagen sheet mask from The Face Shop; the essence just sits on top of your skin without absorbing it. However, the saving point in this mask is that the fit is not too bad and there is not essence dripping everywhere. Neither mask smells like the vegetable-- they both have a floral smell.


What: Innisfree It's Real Mask Sheet
Origin: Korea
Where: Cosmo Cosmetics (physical store)
Price: $2.25 each 
Varieties I purchased:

Gold Kiwi- moisturise and clarify
Avocado- invigorate, freshen, add vitality and energy

I liked both equally as much.

The Gold Kiwi mask smells divine! The gold kiwi one gave me a little bit of brightening. This mask had a clear essence, whilst the avocado one had a thicker, milky essence which I found more moisturising. I probably would have purchased more varieties if I had stumbled upon these masks earlier. These masks are now being sold at MD Ranking for $1.50. 

My Beauty Diary

My favourite masks... though I am not liking the 2013 editions as much as they have the extra slit right in the middle of the chin. Also, the nose bit is wayyy too long for me now. I prefer the 2012 cut.

What: My Beauty Diary Sheet Masks (2012 editions)
Origin: Taiwan
Where: Bonjour HK, Chinatown
Price: Hong Kong masks were 60- 80c each, $2 at China Town

Varieties I purchased:

- 10 x Strawberry Yoghurt
- 10 x Black Pearl
- 7 x Bird's Nest
- 7 x Natto
- 6 x Aloe Vera
- 6 x Collagen
- 1 x Japanese Cherry Blossom
- 1 x Earl Grey Tea & Macaron

All of them were wonderful. Most of them just moisturized my face nicely. I didn't really see whitening/ brightening with most of the them. My favourite was Bird's Nest (most noticeable brightening effect, and my face just felt so good!) and Strawberry Yoghurt (this one just smelt damn good I had to like it). Also delicious smelling was the Earl Grey Tea & Macaron one.

The fitting was perfect for my face. These masks made me a loyal Taiwanese face mask fanatic.

2013 editions (all purchased in December 2013 and January 2014) from Blush and Chinatown. They were $1 each.

Odd one out is...? Hehe, I just put it there so it filled up a space
- 1 x Bulgarian White Rose (Whitening, Soothing)
- 1 x Arbutin Whitening (Freshening, Whitening)
- 1 x Ginseng (Repair, Elastin)
- 1 x Rice (Deep moisturizing, Soothing)
- 1 x Imperial Bird's Nest (Ultra Nourishing, Hydration)

Wine Therapy
Arbutin (my face was visibly paler after this mask!)

My Scheming

Snail Hydra Mask (two step with mask and Snail Repair Cream)

Really nice-- thin mask sheet (smells like lemon) and the repair cream (smells like bubblegum or shortcake... just something very sweet). But like all the other snail products I've used (Mizon Snail Repair Cream, Mizon's Snail Recovery Gel Cream, Benton Snail Bee Essence) it gets absorbed very quickly and makes my skin feel a bit tight on the surface. It makes me feel that maybe the goodness penetrated past the first layer of my skin? I think this would be a good hydrating mask for oily skin, but since I have dry skin, it is only so-so. I really liked the whole 'two parts' idea! I still need to apply moisturiser on top just to seal in the goodness. The cream is adequate for your face and neck with some left over for the next day. 

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