Sunday, 25 September 2011

Handwriting meme and things I'll never finish

Did this a few months ago when I was bored. Tried to do a Vocaloid one, but I'm still bad at sketching directly from tablet (YOKKORASE-X, sekkusuuuu~ argggghhhhh). 

Stuff from last year.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Animania 2011 (day 1) + SMASHHHH

It was great day catching up with cosplay friends and forgetting about assignments/ tests!! I did Shana cos again:) I only bought a Saturday pass, but the person at the door who exchanged tags for tickets misunderstood and ended up giving me a weekend pass (worth twice the price I paid). I would have gone again on Sunday if I wasn't buried underneath piles of assignments:(

And as usual, encountered lots of nice people, but also some extremely conceited cosplayers and photographers. I really think next time when people gather around to take photos, I should whip out my camera and take a photo of the camekos... seriously, having 30 mobbing you every step you take is a little... overwhelming at times. I don't really know how some people cope.

Four years of cosplay later... my eye has stopped twitching from the flashes and my face doesn't hurt anymore when I smile so much in a day^^


 FUUUUUU I hate you for always making your FF weapons taller than me:/ Losing by 3cm OTL. My Nietono no Shana is better than yours *poke poke*

Thank you to the guys at Alice Overture for giving me a very,very special price on the Touhou Anomalous Divination set and some free prints (yay for friends and connections).
This was my mini stash for the day, it cost me 30 bucks =w=


I believe that there are still a few copies left~ tbh, I think the hard cover book + bag + tarot set is extremely overpriced for $50, but I understand that getting them printed and shipped over to Australia cost them a lot, and they need to make a profit.

These were my artbooks from Smash ($70 zomg I feel bad about spending that much on three tiny books, but what can you do ;_____;). Ask for a discount?? Will review them in a few months hahaha.Well, one of them is from Singapore and the other is from Malaysia, and I got it cheaper here than what they were selling it for over there at their conventions.

I did two cosplays~ Ciel and Imitation Black Len. My Ciel looked derpy coz of my crappy eyepatch (and I hate the way I put the zipper on my pants:/). It was too hottttt and I changed after two or three hours to a more airy cosplay.


Still incomplete cosplay-- need to change my makeup and maybe get some black lipstick, sew on some shoulder sleeve things, get a garter and do the trims on the corset and cut my wig more -_____-;;

So much for procrastination. Back to assignments...

Friday, 9 September 2011


^ lewl what a lame pun エイヤッ↑(/>_<)/

Happy Cirno day, 9th of September!! Good on Namie for doing a 9-9 LS. I went on for 5mins but her skype and sound was lagging-_-; Then I went back to studying. I put together these progress pictures of Cirno awhile ago, and today is the perfect time to put it up.

Now that I think about it, I can't believe I used to draw so much with a mouse...