Monday, 5 October 2015

eopenmarket Lucky Box Haul and Review (June 2015)

Just a quick review for the eopenmarket Lucky Box. It is now back in stock.

I ordered two to test my luck. During the month of June, all new members received a $3 coupon that could be redeemed with purchases over $10. Shipping is free (in other words, it's already calculated into the price of the products).

My order: 
Lucky Box x 2 = $ 8.80 USD x 2
                           - $3 coupon

= $14.60USD
This was equivalent to around $19AUD at the time.

Ordered: 28/6/15
Shipped: 29/6/15
Received: 9/7/15 (eight business days)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

My makeup collection (featuring lots of Dolly Wink and Etude House)

My cousins who live in Hong Kong and my friend who has moved to Indonesia wanted to see my makeup collection. So here is my current collection that I photographed last night (no... I'm not procrastinating >_>). I will name my favourite from each category:

Eye Products in Stick Form