Sunday, 4 October 2015

My makeup collection (featuring lots of Dolly Wink and Etude House)

My cousins who live in Hong Kong and my friend who has moved to Indonesia wanted to see my makeup collection. So here is my current collection that I photographed last night (no... I'm not procrastinating >_>). I will name my favourite from each category:

Eye Products in Stick Form

Favourite eyeliner: It used to be Canmake Perfect Black Eyeliner, but I do not have a current favourite. I am using the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in black. I have some CLIO and Milani eyeliners in my stash to try next!

Favourite coloured eyeliner: CLIO Bloody Devil is beautiful burgundy colour with red gold-glitters. It is a budge proof gel eyeliner. Super beautiful for Winter (or for the byojaku look:).

Favourite glitter eyeliner: Etude House Bling Bling Eyestick in #8 Ivory Baby Star. It is a pretty gold-brown colour you can use under your eyes or as an eyeshadow on your lids. It's very versatile.

Favourite mascara: I also do not have a favourite mascara but I am currently using the Dolly Wink Volume. I have two Majorca Majolica mascaras and Heroine Kiss Me Super Film to try next!

Favourite eyebrow crayon: Etude House Drawing Eyebrow. It's just easy to use, fuss free, and cheap. I feel that this one looks more natural and less waxy than the one from The Saem.

Face and Other Eye Products

Favourite blush: Candy Doll blush in Strawberry Pink. It's just so beautiful for that gyaru look. Suits everything except bold lipstick. Apply with a light hand, or you will look like a clown.

Favourite everyday blush: Dandelion by Benefit is a very brightening and subtle ballerina pink blush. I quite like the Canmake Cream Cheek in CL01 but it's just a step below Dandelion. 

Favourite concealer: None. Still on the hunt.

Favourite eyeshadow: Dolly Wink Sweet Dolly in Brown. Love, love, love everything about this quad. It does not have any unnecessary glitters, is creamy, and pigmented. Works well even without an eye primer (but of course, it works better with one).

Lip Products

Favourite lipgloss: Estee Lauder High Gloss Plump in 07 Natural Plump. MLBB plumping lip gloss. 

Favourite lip tint: This is the most difficult question of all time-- I love lip tints. My all time favourite is TonyMoly Tony Tint in Cherry Pink (not the new Delight version). I have two more samples of it from a lucky box I got from eopenmarket. It's just everything anyone would want from a lip tint. It stains evenly and makes a beautiful gradient lip. Other than that, I have a soft spot for the Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints.

Favourite lipstick: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips in PK015 Dizzy Pink. It's a matte formula that stays on the lips well and wears off evenly. It's not drying and looks gooooood. I just got the Innisfree Creammellow lipsticks and haven't worn them enough to justify if they are my favourite or not.

False Eyelashes

Favourite top lashes: Easy. Dolly Wink 1 in Dolly Sweet. They look the best with circle lenses. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. It breaks my heart when I see people cut them shorter... they are intentionally long for the 'tareme' (droopy eye) look.

Favourite bottom lashes: Dolly Wink 13 Baby Girl. Another easy lash to wear with everything. I think the clumped look is very unique and pretty. 


Favourite perfume: Calvin Klein Euphoria. I love fruity scents over floral scents. This is also purple love. My absolute favourite is The Body Shop Zestini. Of course it's discontinued. Of course.

I didn't include BB cream into this collection, but I'm currently using Lioele Triple the Solution. I think my favourite is the Skin79 Hot Pink (I think I've used an equivalent of four to five 40g bottles of it).

What are your favourites?

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