Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Leaderboard Rankings (again, again)!!

It was such a surprise to log on to theotaku today, and find myself at number 2:DD

My picture was also number two on the front page. I wasn't too happy with the picture, but I'm glad people took time to look at it.

Yeah, I don't know why random things keep on popping up on my laptop screen from the top; I just ignore it-__-;

(edit: I logged in another 12 hours later... I was still number three:O)

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

How nostalgic

My dad just got back home from the library and shoved this book about Japanese Animation in my face.There was a picture of Ikkyu san (we called it 'yut yow'). I didn't know it was called that~ I remember watching it as a kid when I lived in Hong Kong during the ages of five to around seven *starts bawling* I still have episodes of it on VHS in Cantonese. Myanimelist just informed me there are 298 episodes. I-I don't think I've seen that many.

I would totally watch it all if I had the time and patience.

When I went to Kinkakuji in 2005 and 2008, my mum pointed out that was where he lived! I was always upset when they talked about his separation issues with his mother, and how he got a man tou tied around him when he was a baby:( でもね、本当に懐かしすぎる!OPとEDは今聞いているんだ。

I saw a girl I gifted chibi bait to on tinierme had a hard time accepting 'crappy gifts from people'. In that case I wish I could take back my gift you *$#%&. I don't mind if people give me doubles of what I already own or items that aren't rare. I'm always up for presents. I just thought I'd give bait because it's usable and on sale AND OH LOOK the event this week requires you to catch 20 fish a day. Isn't that nice?

*sigh* I wish I had the patience to finish this already... after 4 months.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Namie-kun's Tohou artbook arrived!!

It actually arrived on Monday (the 7th~ it is now the 12th) at my front door. I was so happy and full of squee. She packaged it nicely with the extra goodies inside the book. I was wondering how the prints would come-- but the book was bigger in dimensions than I expected it to be.
Time for some shoddy webcam pictures which I took to show Steel of http://thoughteclipse.blog.com/
The extras I got with it! Bunbunmaru (amusing read... Cirno Shimeji!!1), Vocaloid 'MUSIC' print and a special chibi print.

 I asked her to sign it for me! And she did! Says 'Thankyou for for Preorder' lol~ she even drew a Reimu <3

The prints are on a thin, shiny photo-paper like texture. It's very good quality, but I'm so scared of wreaking them if I put it on my wall. I'm usually less weary with just... paper prints:D

NOW the book itself is amazing. There truely is over 40 pieces that have not touched the internet, and there are probably around 60 or so in the book. The first half or so of the book has a more background/ concept art/ sketchy feel (which I love). Kinda like the stuff she posts on her blog here. She manages to fit around four pictures on a single sided page.

It then diverges onto the stuff she posts on dA, and things that look more 'polished'. Then finally, guest art.

I have nothing bad to say about this. I love it. Heck you'd probably like it even if you aren't into Touhou. And if she released anything else I would buy it (even though this book cost me a month's worth of pocket monniez).

And then last Sunday my dad's friend's wife and daughter came to Australia for a short holiday before the daughter stays behind here to study (lol, does this sentence even make sense?). She got me some Bourjois mascara and eyeliner. Sad because I just opened my fiberwig... and sad again because I don't use pencil eyeliner.
... sad for a third time because even someone I've met three times knows that I need to cover up my face to go outside:/ Nahh, but it's okay, I wear significantly less eyeliner nowadays than when I was 13 partly because I wanted to look like Billie Joe.