Thursday, 18 February 2016

Rose Rose Shop Neulii Samples

A few weeks ago, Rose Rose Shop announced that they were releasing a new skincare line called Neulii. You can get free samples if you message them on Facebook, or through your orders with them. They are giving out ten samples (five of each type of serum) per request. I think that's a great way to promote your new line. Everyone loves free samples.

There are five types of serums:

1. Aloe BHA Soothing Serum
2. AHA VITA Brightening Serum
3. Tea Tree BHA Blemish Control Serum
4. Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum
5. Green Tea BHA Pore Tightening Serum

I got my package yesterday!

Neulii will keep your skin young and beautiful as a baby's every time, all the time.

Here are the samples I got:
1. Green Tea BHA Pore Tightening Serum (x5)
2. Aloe BHA Soothing Serum (x5)

I was most interested to try out the AHA VITA Brightening Serum and the Snail Bee Anti-Wrinkle Serum. A few days ago, I suddenly got three really big and ugly pimples on my upper lip and chin. I opened up my sample of Cosrx BHA to use and I think these BHA samples will come in very handy so I'm glad I ended up getting these as I rarely break out so much at once.

My dad says it's stress from job hunting and sleeping late (I don't think I sleep late though ><). I will write a review on these samples once I try them. Have you got your samples yet? :)

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