Saturday, 27 February 2016

Style Nanda 3CE Lip Lacquer Super Coral Review

3CE, or 3 Concept Eyes is the makeup line from popular and trendy Korean fashion brand Style Nanda. I love all the shoots and different looks that Style Nanda does with each of the products.

Initially, I wanted to try Bubblegum (a purple) but I decided that Super Coral would be more everyday appropriate and versatile. Super Coral is a beautiful colour that leans on the pink side of coral. I see a lot of yellow in the colour.

Contents: 6.4g

Price: 18,900won

There are 12 lip lacquer colours in the line. I purchased mine from Bonjour in Hong Kong for 79HKD at the beginning of 2015. All 3CE products come with a safety strip, so beware of that as there are a lot of fake products floating around on the internet.

Even if you have pigmented lips, this formula will be able to cover your natural lip colour. It has a light, mousse texture and a nice doe foot applicator.

I think that this Lip Lacquer is overly hyped (with fantastic marketing and the beautiful Park Sora endorsing it). It settles into fine lines, doesn't dry matte, and causes your lips to become very, very dry. It is very easy to mess up this lip product on your lips as it travels and feathers. It looks good straight after application but starts to look manky after half an hour.

I have seen other people being able to rock this particular formula and colour, so it can definitely vary depending on the condition of your lips. I'm sure other colours in the line will also perform differently. Unfortunately, this particular product did not work for me (which sucks because I want to love 3CE so much but it won't love me back:/).

I will not purchase other Lip Lacquers in the future, but I may try lipsticks from 3CE.

/ 5

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