Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Nature Republic Moist Steam Cream Review

Steam creams were very popular back in 2013. I believe they are called 'steam creams' because of the process in which they are produced where the shea butter is supposedly melted into the cream. Nature Republic has three types in their Steam Cream line, all made from African shea butter:

1. Fresh Steam Cream (for oily skin)
2. Moist Steam Cream (for normal to dry skin)
3. Ultra Steam Cream (for extremely dry skin)

I purchased the Moist Steam Cream version to try out. I got it for 69HKD from Bonjour when I was in Hong Kong early 2015. 

How to use: Use this as the moisturiser step of your skincare routine.

Contents: 100ml

Price: 31,000won (you can find it much cheaper through other online retailers like Jolse or Rose Rose Shop)

The texture of this cream is difficult to describe. It is not a dense cream, but it has quite a bit of weight to it when you pick it up with a spatula. It dries so quickly that it often feels like you didn't put anything on your skin at all, and it takes a while for you to rub in the cream. I did not find this cream extremely moisturising but I would be interested to see if the Ultra version is a better fit for my needs. I love that these tubs of cream are big. It took me around three months to finish this cream.

As I mentioned in my Innisfree mask post, I don't know what shea butter is supposed to smell like, but this cream smells wonderful. It didn't pill under my makeup so that's a big plus. I might repurchase this if I can find it at a good price, but I would not purchase it at its full price. I'm still on the hunt for my HG cream.

/ 5

The packaging for this product has been renewed. The one I have pictured here is an older design by Taeyeon, leader of Girls' Generation/SNSD. Her butterfly signature is included on the lid which is a nice touch for fans. To be honest, I knew nothing about her until her 'scandal' with Baekhyun (who is my favourite member of EXO). Then her song 'I' came out last year and I fell in love with her:D

The cream in the box

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