Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Sasa haul and review #2

Okay, I thought I was done with my backlogs of hauls but there's still one more after this one! I ordered from Sasa in September 2015 for a second time because I was running out of my favourite sunscreen. Lo and behold, Sasa was having a sale on the sunscreen where if you buy one, you get the second one 40% off! I also thought I was running out of my Kose Whitening Cleansing Oil back then... it's February and I'm still using it whoops. 

Not only that, they were having a free shipping promotion if you spend over 50AUD. I didn't think I was going to be able to buy so much sunscreen so I spent a few days asking around the office and asking my friends if they wanted to buy things with me. I finally bit the bullet and decided I'll just suck up the shipping fee... but when I went to check out with only spending $44, I did not get charged for shipping:D

Ordered: 16/9/15
Shipped: 19/9/15
Received: 23/9/15

Thank you for covering up my address Ace.

Well packaged with lots of peanuts and bubble wrap.

'3' for the 3 sunscreens.

Everything is pink and blue.

Here's what I ordered and their cost (in AUD):

( A$)
( A$)
( A$)
Skinaqua UV Moisture Milk SPF50+/PA+++ (42 g) (102485610004)
Purchase any of the following 1 of Mentholatum items, you'll enjoy 40% Off!
SOFTYMO Speedy Cleansing Oil (230 g) (107352606001)
Shipping fee0.00
TOTAL: ( A$)44.70

Shipping was reasonably quick (the packing process took the longest). I liked that Sasa sends you an email to keep you informed of what's happening: when your package is being pack, when it is being dispatched, and asking you for a follow up of how you found their service. I would order from them again.

My only complaint is that the prices of goods are different depending on which country you're located in. Sometimes, the markup can be up to 50% higher. I've seen it with the Candy Doll blush, Elizavecca masks, It's Skin serums, O'slee, sheet masks etc. I think that's very shady and which country you're located in shouldn't affect how much you pay for the product if you are purchasing it online (looking at you Apple and Adobe for the Australian markup).

Sasa got into an investigation awhile ago selling fake My Beauty Diary masks in Hong Kong which is why all MBD products are gone if you plan to buy locally whereas it is available for people who live outside HK. I feel that sometimes you can find incredible deals in Sasa, but sometimes they are a rip-off. Use your own judgment and be mindful that they are know for selling 'water-goods'. 

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