Thursday, 18 February 2016

I made a maid dress

I made this maid dress from a t-shirt tutorial by Yumi King in June 2015. The apron was the most difficult part of the sewing process. I used a yellow chalk to draw on the measurements and you can still see it showing through the white fabric :( The circular shape of the apron is also not every even haha.

The criss-cross design at the back of the apron does not sit well and folds over a lot. I think the strap will need to be doubled up. Overall, this was really fun to make! I still have a pink dress that I also started sewing in June 2015. I will pick up the motivation to finish it soon and to start some other sewing project.

Lydia gave me cat ears! I think they will look super cute with this dress. I still need to make a ruffle headdress thing for this dress. Once again, this dress will look cute with rocking horse shoes and knee high socks. Maybe also a choker necklace and those lace wristlets.

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