Monday, 1 February 2016

Finish all the samples 2k16 and Project Pan: Everything

I documented and inventoried all the makeup and skincare I own. No nail polish because that's not as interesting and most of what I own was gifted to me by Stefanie or Christina. This exercise made me realise how much 'stuff' I've accumulated. My reasoning for this stash varies from hitting free shipping, getting the most out of my shipping bracket, not having to go out of my way to replace something, and random stuff I wanted to try out after reading reviews. I want to be able to have a better idea of how long it takes me to use up things so I know I don't have to buy multiples at a time.

Would I rather have the money or have my 'stuff'? It depends. There are things I can do without, but there are also things I feel like I need, like BB cream or eyeliner. Because I wear makeup, I need cleansing oil, makeup remover, and cleansing water to clean that stuff off. Cleanser is a non-essential luxury step to me so I don't use it (but really wanted to use one again and I will buy a cleanser when I land a high paying job).

I made separate spreadsheets for makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, and samples. Here is a snip of my skincare inventory.

An example of my skincare spreadsheet

Using Up My Stash

As you can see, I have a lot of cells highlighted green in my skincare sheet. Green cells means new, unopened product. Skincare is something I find easy to use up whereas makeup is exponentially harder to pan, especially point makeup. When 'boring' but essential products like eyeliner and base makeup runs out it's just annoying. Lip products are my vice and the hardest thing ever to use up. 

To help keep track of finish using up the things I have, I decided to create some SMART goals. Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals.

Here is my list of things to pan this year:


  • Use up 80 out of the 108 samples I have left. They range from full skincare lines to odd skincare samples, makeup samples, and a massive stash of my favourite BB cream (Skin79 Hot Pink).
  • I've decided not to count DS samples and foil samples separately as my main goal is to use up my samples. My sample use will start to slow down as finish using the foil samples and start moving onto the larger 10-25ml samples. I also have A LOT of BB cream samples, and some of them I hate (Purito...).
  • I will need to average out 5- 6 samples a month to achieve my goal.


  • Tony Moly lip tint sample in Cherry Pink (because I have ANOTHER sample and a full size, but I like this original formula rather than the gel formula:/)
  • Tony Moly Delight lip tint in Orange Cha Cha (don't like this formula, but love the colour)
  • Nature Republic By Flower Lip Balm (I'm such an EXO trash)
  • Stila Lipglaze in Jingle CX (nearly finished with this! I like the cherry scent but it is sticky and not particularly opaque)
  • Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Lavender (I love this but haven't been using it because it's limited edition. I don't want it to go bad before I use it. I got it in early 2014)
  • Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Cherry Coral (same as above. I got it in late 2014).
I'm going to do a three out, one in for lip products. I can't wait to open my MAC Lady Danger and Innisfree Creammellow in Blueberry Burgundy.

  • Benefit Dandelion (I love this and don't want to finish it but I have a feeling I will because I use it so often. Might get the full size of this or upgrade to NARS)
  • Canmake Cream Cheek in CL01 Clear Heart (I also love this and don't want to finish it but there's such a huge ass pan showing even though I've only been using it for 7 months. Cream products go bad quickly and this is easily available through MD Ranking or ebay)

  • Maybelline Mineral Concealer (this is pretty much done, but super orange)
  • 3CE Waterful Concealer (I like this for my under eyes. It feels super slippery and light, but does a terrible job at covering blemishes. I want to replace this with something else)
  • Etude House Drawing Brow (I think this will be done after another two months of everyday use. I like this but it slides terribly over sunscreen. I also have a backup!)
  • The Saem eyebrow (a pretty grey-brown that doesn't suit my black hair. A huge chunk of it snapped off in my drawer so I opened my Etude House one instead. I'm going to finish using this rather than save it for cosplay)
  • Finish Hello Kitty Grape Body Spray (I purchased this for myself for my birthday in 2014)
  • Finish Etude House Bite Me (I really, really like this but it makes my skin red and the scent fades quickly. It is also very alcoholic smelling)
  • Finish Dior Addict II (got this as a present from Anna in 2011. I hated the scent but I started using it again last year and really like it now. I have a lot of other Dior perfume to go through so I'd like to finish this)
Bonus Round Products:
  • Etude House lipstick in Exciting Orange (smells really nice; this lipstick slips everywhere though and has too much white base in the orange to look nice on me. Might swap this out for the lip tints because lipstick doesn't spoil as quickly)
  • Evoke Love
  • Evoke Sensations
  • Australis Waterberry
  • Australis Pure Musk

Progress will be documented in my future empties posts. I'm also putting myself on a no-buy (but I think I will have to repurchase an acid) until June because I don't need anything. I'm glad I resisted buying lip balm or cleanser in the Priceline 40% off skincare sale.

I really want to purchase some of the limited edition Nature Republic x EXO hand creams and lip balms (I simply must get the Baekhyun lip balm that's in Cherry flavour. So many of my favourite things combined in one). I have so many backlogs of purchases to put up on here zzzzzz. 

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