Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween picture

Le sketch of Marisa. Some exciting things have been happening recently (like yesterday, Ronan Keating walked into our store and I spoke to him! I was also on NHK in cosplay lol).

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sasa haul and review~ (more Korean and Japanese goodies ofc)!

I love, love, love visiting Sasa whenever I go to Hong Kong (I think I've got the two Mong Kok and the Tsuen Wan store layouts memorised by now). With all the raving reviews of Sasa floating around the interwebs, I decided to give their online shop a go. My experience with Sasa has always been positive and continue to be so as their prices are reasonable. 

I was lucky and was able to take advantage of Sasa's free shipping to Australia. All you had to do is spend over $29USD-- easy peasy with the dropping AUD conversion rate.

Hello there Dolly Wink

Monday, 7 October 2013

Byakuren //A Thousand Years of Loneliness//

My first and only drawing of 2013.

I used to be so ranking and point hungry on pixiv and other sites... I had to see myself on the rankings tables (my gosh, Jin and I used to talk about getting enough points to be on DR. I think he did manage to get in the top 100 and I stopped drawing haha). It feels better to draw because I feel like it.

I need to focus on studying hard and filling in my applications~! Wish me luck <3

Dior Voyage The Make-Up Palette (So Dior Travel Collection)

So I got given this huge Dior makeup palette recently:

Ehehe, I already swatched everything >_<
The palette contains:

- four eyeshadows
- pressed powder
- mascara
- blush/ finishing powder
- two lipsticks

It also contains:

- double-ended eyeshadow applicator
- sponge
- lipbrush
- blush brush

The only things I think I could use are the eyeshadows and the mascara. I don't use finishing powder and the blush doesn't show on my skin. The lipsticks don't match my skin tone (and I don't wear lipstick anyway).

Unfortunately, even then, the eyeshadows swatch out the same as my Dolly Wink brown palette:

And the purple and the cream colour is pretty much the same as my "Dior me, Dior me not" Lip and Eye Colour Palette (though I do think the travel palette's purple is prettier... but it's too light to suit my darker skin).

So all in all, I'm fairly disappointed I can't make much use of this palette. I already have sets/ palettes which do a better job (such as Benefit/ Estee Lauder). I'm not a huge fan of Dior beauty products in general. Sorry. I guess I do like the Dior Kiss lipgloss, but even then there's still points I don't dig. Don't even get me started on their perfume. 

I think I will love Dior a lot more in ten years time. The brand is a bit too sophisticated and mature for me right now. So yeah, just my thoughts and not really a review.

Burt's Bees "Tips and Toes"

So I purchased this Burt's Bees kit for my good friend as a birthday gift~ it's one of those brands I've always wanted to try but did not ever purchase because it's too expensive for myself ;___; 

I actually wanted to get her some hand cream from The Body Shop, but I couldn't find a scent that I thought she would enjoy. I was then going to get her the Orange and Ginger hand cream I found in another store... but I went back the week after to purchase and the shop no longer stocked that entire line of creams lol. 

She said she really liked this gift set yay! My money was well spent