Monday, 7 October 2013

Dior Voyage The Make-Up Palette (So Dior Travel Collection)

So I got given this huge Dior makeup palette recently:

Ehehe, I already swatched everything >_<
The palette contains:

- four eyeshadows
- pressed powder
- mascara
- blush/ finishing powder
- two lipsticks

It also contains:

- double-ended eyeshadow applicator
- sponge
- lipbrush
- blush brush

The only things I think I could use are the eyeshadows and the mascara. I don't use finishing powder and the blush doesn't show on my skin. The lipsticks don't match my skin tone (and I don't wear lipstick anyway).

Unfortunately, even then, the eyeshadows swatch out the same as my Dolly Wink brown palette:

And the purple and the cream colour is pretty much the same as my "Dior me, Dior me not" Lip and Eye Colour Palette (though I do think the travel palette's purple is prettier... but it's too light to suit my darker skin).

So all in all, I'm fairly disappointed I can't make much use of this palette. I already have sets/ palettes which do a better job (such as Benefit/ Estee Lauder). I'm not a huge fan of Dior beauty products in general. Sorry. I guess I do like the Dior Kiss lipgloss, but even then there's still points I don't dig. Don't even get me started on their perfume. 

I think I will love Dior a lot more in ten years time. The brand is a bit too sophisticated and mature for me right now. So yeah, just my thoughts and not really a review.

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