Sunday, 14 April 2013

EXO-K Sunny 10 blast drink (Kai's pineapple) and Qoo White Grape

So finally this CF came out recently after like a year in the making...

I actually found the exact Sunny 10 pineapple drink that Chanyeol is holding in this CF. I got it from a supermarket in World Square for a dollar at the beginning of February. Yes, a dollar! They only had Kai and Chanyeol's version and since Kai is one of my bbs, I got his version of the drink.

Sunny 10 Pineapple (Kai's pick:)

The English side of the drink.
Uh, I haven't drank it yet. I was just going to keep it on my desk and eventually on my self for decoration because I don't really like pineapple flavoured items=__=

I would like to find Baek's version because I like Baekhyun.


A few weeks later, I went back to World Square supermarket and purchased this drink along with Korean rice cakes (tteokbokki) and sweet chilli fried chicken to have for dinner with my mum.

I purchased Qoo (クー) White Grape Juice. Both this drink and the Sunny 10 drink is produced by the Coca Cola Company. I like Minute Maid so I purchased this one to drink to drown the spiciness of the rice cakes. 

On the way back to the station, people were handing out free cans of Coke Zero:)

Taste: 3.5/5
It was a light grape flavoured juice. It was tasty, but not mind blowing. 

Price: 2/5
From memory it was around $1.80. A pretty good price.

Sorry, I took the photos from my phone then threw the can away...

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Goodbye 3DS :(

I think my 3DS died. The A buttons is no longer responsive... my dad says I've had it for too long (just over a year) and that technology dies easily. I'm so sad because I really love my DS and I haven't even finished Pokemon White yet! And Pokemon X and Y still haven't come out:(

Guess I'll call Nintendo tomorrow and see if they can do anything about it even though it's just out of warranty. I'll also drop by EB Games and see if anyone can help me.

Monday, 1 April 2013

My (Korean and Taiwanese) beauty/ mo lieu haul for 2013

So... Cathy is a bad influence on meXD She told me about some of the products she tried from Korea/ Hong Kong that were nice so I ended up buying a lot of stuff she recommended to me. It was cheap from Bonjour HK:(

My dad got me a whole lot of stuff from his China and Hong Kong business trip. Let's take a look~

Presents from my dad piled in front of my room
 My dad purchased me practical items. Just like a dad.

He got me some socks for work, a drink bottle, two Rollei UV filters (37mm & 58mm), a 16GB micro SD card for my camera, and a screen protector.

Everything else is stuff I ordered online. The prices were really cheap so I purchased enough to last me for the next six months. Simply because I can:D

This is what I ordered online:

1.) My Beauty Diary 2013 New Year pack; Birds Nest/ Collagen/ Natto/ Aloe masks in a pack of 26 (135 HKD)
2.) My Beauty Diary Black Pearl (54HKD)
3.) My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yoghurt (58HKD)
4.) Daria hair velcro (26HKD)

Before unwrapping.... 

5.) Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Wash off (58HKD; this was on sale! I wanted two, put they only let me order one:/)
6.) Skin Food Rice Mask Wash off (68HKD; ... so I ended up buying two of these because I heard this was also a best seller)
7.) Skin Food Fresh Juice C Serum (105HKD; I actually wanted the Tomato moisturiser, but they were out of stock and the line was discontinued)
8.) Etude House Happy Essential Foam Vitamin C (49HKD; I had initially wanted the Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam in Green Tea, but that was also discontinued)

After unwrapping...

All in all, this only cost 78AUD. A box of 10 My Beauty Diary sheet masks is $20 in and around the city. The cheapest I've seen it go for is $17, and I was considering buying a box.

I have to say, I like the facial foam the best. It works especially well with the cleansing net I bought from Daiso. I've used the serum quite a bit. I was hoping to get rid off this dark spot on my cheek. However, I did not have high hopes for this product as I have read disappointing reviews but I still wanted to try this whitening serum.

So far, I've seen my face brighten a bit after a week of use with using the rice mask, black sugar mask, and the sheet masks. Missha and The Face Shop masks tingle and make my face itchy though I really enjoyed the Green Tea and the Pomegranate masks.

The My Beauty Diary ones fit well and are comfortable-- unfortunately, I had already placed my order when I purchased a packet of the Earl Grey Tea and Macaroon mask. Otherwise, I may have picked up a box of that one because it smells soooooo good. The Bird's Nest one is also very good^^ The Natto, Black Pearl, and Japanese Cherry Blossom ones are meh to me because they smell the same... but nonetheless, they are all great!

I'm going to focus on pampering myself this year, and work towards my goal for next year! Here's to a late 2013 resolution!