Wednesday, 27 March 2013

TonyMoly Kiss Lover Live Tint review

A month and a half ago, I noticed TonyMoly cosmetics were sold at the Morning Glory in China Town (very late at noticing, I know =__=). A week later, I walked past the new TonyMoly store in Market City and freaked out. They had 40% off everything which is freaking awesome!

I really wanted to buy one of their famous Tony Tints so I was really happy to see that they were on sale for only $6.99. I had my heart set on buying it in #1 Cherry Pink or #2 Red Apple. Unfortunately, the store only sold the new re-packaged Cat Wink's tint in #3 Orange Cha Cha. I asked the sales assistant if they carried the reds and she tried to get me to buy the orange. I tried to love it when I tested it-- I really did. As much as I think orange is a flattering colour on my skin tone, that particular tint didn't do it for me.

So she directed me to the tinted balms, the Water Jelly Tints and the Kiss Lover Live Tint. I tried every colour on my hand and I asked the sales assistant if they had anything 'darker'. I actually meant tints that were more 'pigmented' but she didn't really understand what I meant.

In the end, I was tossing up between the Pomegranate Water Jelly Tint and the Kiss Lover Live Tint in Red. I asked the sales assistant a lot of questions, and she said the red looked nicer on me and she advised me to choose according to texture. I liked both of them, but I decided to pick up the Kiss Lover Live Tint.

TonyMoly Kiss Lover Live Tint #3 Red

Doe foot applicator!
Cost: $8.99 (original price $13.99)
Consistency: Watery
Pigmentation: 3.5/ 5
Moisturising: 3/5
Colour: 4/5
Scent: 5/5
Taste: 4.5/5

All in all, I do like this tint. It smells like cherries (or cough medicine) but I like that type of scent! Also, if you accidentally lick your lips, it has a slightly sweet taste unlike the other Tony Tint which is very, very, bitter.

The tint itself can be a little drying on your lips and flake off quite quickly. It also has a tendency to bleed into the lines on your lips. For some reason, the colour sticks well on my bottom lip, but not so well on my top lip.

The lasting power is average. It can stay on for about an hour or two without eating or drinking. It is best to put on some balm (like Lucas' Papaw), apply the tint, lip concealer, and then gloss for the gradient lips look. Or you can just dot the tint on your lips for the 'I-just-sucked-a-popsicle' look.

I'd still like to pick up the full size of the Etude House Fresh Cherry tint in red, but I guess I don't need so many tints in the same colour at once!

A good tint to add to the collection.

I reviewed Kiss Lover Live Tint #2 Orange here:)


  1. I just got this tint and Googled to see if anyone had any tips. It sticks to my bottom lip but not my top lip as well, too! So strange.

    1. Might have something to do with lip textures or something (but I'm glad I'm not the only one)-__-. The Tony Tint adheres better to top lip...!

  2. I saw the sale at morning glory too but i dont like their kiss lover live tints :(
    Much prefer their 'delight tony tint' which can be purchased online for less than $6usd :)
    I recommend you to try etude house dear darling tint, the shades are quite similar to tony tint and they have more colours!

    1. I just recently ordered the Etude House Fresh Cherry tint in Pink and a Peripera tint in Candy Juice... just waiting for them to come in the mail lol. Thanks for the recommendation~ I just haven't really looked into the Dear Darling Tint because they look so... drying.