Saturday, 23 March 2013

Music days

I was just thinking what a great month April is going to be with the release of several albums from some of my favourite bands-- Bring Me the Horizon, Paramore, and Fall Out Boy. Maybe even EXO?

Then I hear the news of My Chemical Romance calling it quits today:( This is devastating because there was a rumour that they were going to release a new album after their mini series of 'Conventional Weapons' (which I still have not gotten around to listening to yet). MCR has helped a lot of people get through their dark days and I wish they could have stayed around. I have loved all their concepts and will continue to support the individual members if they continue to pursue in the music industry. I will also remember the day I went to see them at Luna Park and Gerard waved at me from the car park when their driver was parking their van.

In a way, breaking up may be a better alternative to replacing members. After bands such as From First to Last, Escape the Fate, and Nightwish made notable changes by replacing their lead singers, I've never felt that they were quite the same band. Not that it's a bad thing-- it just adds a different dynamic to what fans have grown to love. But lead singers do not make the entire band. I'm sure fans could also feel a strange sense of unfamiliarity in proceeding albums when Ben Moody left Evanescence, or when Ryan Ross left Panic! At the Disco.

After twelve long years, maybe it's best to drop the rock lifestyle, settle down and move on.


To finish off this post in a brighter light, I've purchased and received a number of gifts from friends in the last 2~3 months. I'll be sharing some photos of my purchases soon^^

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