Sunday, 24 March 2013

Many many gifts from friends!

I had a whole heap of friends go overseas for the Christmas/ New Years/ Summer holidays. And this is the type of stuff they ended up getting me (I have really good friends okay ;u;).

I received these items from the end of January to mid-March. Some of these photos were taken from my phone so the quality is not too spectacular.

1.) First up, souvenirs from Cathy who went to Korea and Hong Kong (she's never been to HK before, and she said it was super exciting!)~

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint in Red and bear in a hanbok phone swing
I've tried an entire one packet of the sample. I loved it so much I tried to get my friend to buy it for me in Hong Kong, but she said it's sold out. I was going to buy it from ebay, but I ended up getting a Tony Moly tint instead (more about that later).

The phone swing was genius! It had a little stopper to put in your phone jack. Unfortunately, my phone jack is on the bottom of my phone and it hindered my ability to use my phone. So I put it on my 3DS. After a week, it started to get really dirty so I have since placed it on my desk.

Thanks Cathy! I love phone swings and I'm starting to go crazy over Korean cosmetics. Uh oh.

2.) Alvo, who went to Japan and Hong Kong~

He got me a Vocaloid calender and clear file pack!

Clear file and calender set (E)
He knows I love Vocaloid/ Touhou merchandise... and it's so practical! I love it:D I was only too happy to replace my calender full of pictures of trucks with pictures of Vocaloid drawn by popular pixiv artists^^b

Back of the packet. Click to enlarge the photo!
 So the clear file and calender pack comes in three different variations. He got me Type-2. So many artists I like who contributed to these three sets^^

Here is a closer look at the set I got.

Clear file number 1 by KEI (obviously hehe)
Clear file number 2 by woka
Clear file number 3 by Taiyo Yamaoto
(Looks like the Miku Append module from Project Diva F:)
The cover of the calender! Illustration by スオウ
Inside the calender. There is one illustration to every two months. July and August is by iXima.
Back of the calender! Looks like the silhouette and flipped version of the cover illustration by スオウ.
 Thank you very much for your thoughtful gift Alvo!

Bonus: Alvo's brother got a few Marisa figures (so prettyyyy). Marisa's hat was too heavy and it kept on falling off her head. He got a special edition grey version of Marisa and a chibi Marisa figure.

Look at Marisa and her mushroom lol
3.) Kelvin, who went to Japan, Thailand, and Hong Kong~

Elephant keychain from Thailand and one おみくじ (fortune)


I put my peach charm in my Marc Jacobs wallet^^bb
Thanks for promising me fantastic luck for the year 2013 Kelvin! We laughed so much when I opened my fortune and got good luck because he only got normal luck. I put the elephant key chain on my desk (I have a sizeable keychain/ phone swing collection there).

4.) Edwin, who went to Japan~

He doesn't know Touhou too well so he got me all Marisa related items... I guess he only recognised her?

Two art books from previous Comikets and one doujin.
Marisa x Alice clear file. Shanghaiiiiiiiii. Hi.
HE GOT ME KRACIE POPIN COOKIN THINGS! I've since made them both and have eaten them. Guess I'll make a separate post for them in the near future. I actually wanted to try the sushi one the most, but he obviously would not have known:p

Popin' Cookin' in Keekiyasan (Cake shop) and Nerikyanrando (not sure what this translates to. Candy land?)
Thank you Edwin! I love love love Touhou and being able to add to my collection makes me happy. I didn't even know you knew I liked Touhou. And I had a lot of fun with the Kracie kits^___^

5.) Not really a gift from a friend, but a late birthday gift from my mum. Namie-kun's second Touhou artbook! I'll put a separate review in soon: pardon my messy desk-___-

Namie's artbook. She doodled on my package^^ It came with the unique pre-order card, a comic, and her signature on the inside!
My mum also purchased me some circle lens... because she knows I love them for cosplay and general vanity:/ I may write a post on this one too...

Geo Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey. Because I love Tsubasa-san.
Thank you mum! I can only show my affection for you by doing more chores around the house^^;;

6.) Gabriel (my twin brothaaa) went to Singapore:

Rin and Len Append wall scroll!

This was a massive surprise because he said he just wanted to get Cha Time with me, and he handed me this present! His girlfriend is uber lucky to have a guy like him. He's also uber lucky to have her because she such a kind older sister to me:) They are close to the definition of a perfect couple.

Thank you Nii-chan. You are the best! I still need to find space on my wall to hang it up. Look at the size of the scroll. I put a pen next to it so you can get a general idea of the size: VERY BIG.

7.) Christinaaaa (my very, very, good friend) who went to China, Hong Kong, and Korea:

I actually gave her a small list of cosmetics for her to purchase for me. She's still getting the rest of her stuff shipped to her so I've only received a small amount of it. I asked her to buy me:

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream
Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner
Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleanser in Aloe Tea
Etude House Tear Drop Liner in no. 1
Dolly Wink lashes in no.1
Dolly Wink eyeshadow palette in no. 1
Any circle lens

I went out for froyo with her on a Thursday. I missed her so much because she was away for three months. Moreover, I didn't get to see her much last year so my heart hurt:(

We went to dinner at Ippudo, a new ramen restaurant that opened up in the high class Westfield. When we finally got seated, a waiter came up to me and squashed right up to me on my seat. This really scared the both of us... except it turned out the waiter was my friend Jez. I hadn't seen him in ages so it was a fantastic surprise. We had a lot of fun.

Anyways, onto the photos. We both love Rilakkuma so she got me some Rilkkuma stuff! So cute >_< And she got me a diary because she knows I'm a bit of an organisation freak haha.

Skin79 Hot Pink BB cream, Etude House Wonder Pore, Rilakkuma headphone holder, Rilakkuma phone case,  and 2013 schedule
I popped the BB cream into my bag last week when I was doing my makeup on the train and the silver "BB" and a bit of the "Skin79" on the bottom rubbed off. So sad because I loved the packaging and this was a new bottle T^T I'm never going travelling with it ever again.

I used the two Rilakkuma items for around two weeks but they both started getting dirty in my bag (which I don't like). So they are now both on my desk. Yes, along with my other stuff.

Christina also got me circle lens! I was really sad about my Barbie Eye ones expiring because they were so pretty. She got me some black Neo ones. I've never tried black lens or Neo before, so I'm looking forward to trying them out.

Neo Dali Black

Thank you for helping me complete my shopping list Christina. Also thank you for the extra surprises. You know me too well and you really do spoil me too much. Why didn't you let me buy you those Lovisa earrings? I really wanted to buy you something nice that you wanted too:(

Anyway, I hope that we can spend more time together this year because I enjoy your company a lot. Yay for being friends!

8.) Last but not least, Tom, who went to Japan:

He got me RA/ White Datura's 'Through the Looking Glass' artbook! I love RA so I'm really glad he got me something to add to my artbook collection from Comiket83.

Funny story-- Tom accidentally purchased RA's H work (which I didn't want lol). He gave that to Jack >_> But because he paid an extra thousand yen for two artbooks, he was able to get a bag, a poster, and a clear file.
Bag and the clear file

Other side of the bag and the clear file
I actually really, really wanted Rella's artbook that she sold at Summer Comi, but that's no longer available. I was super happy that her illustration of Miku from 'The Beast' was on one side of the bag. Hurray for Tom and Rella!

The poster from the artbook

RA... you made the same spelling mistake on everything to do with your artbook >.<
Form --> From
Through the Looking Glass. Extremely beautiful.
I might do a separate post on this book too... anyways, thank you for this Tom. Your n00b purchasing mistake was my gain bwahahaha.

9.) Chris got me Ace (alpaca in the pirate hat and the pink vest on the right) from the Capitol. Luck was on his side when he won this. Thanks lang jei =3=

Alpacas! I think I should stop with this collection right now. Otherwise it might explode into my Tofu obsession.

I think that's it for now. I may have forgotten someone so I'll add them in when I remember.

Not sure what I did in my previous life to deserve such beautiful friends. Thank you guys ~ <3

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