Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Live Tint #2 Orange review

I went to the China Town Tony Moly inside Morning Glory and got this at a sample for sale at $3. I know some people may think that's gross but I got it because it was pretty much full. Some reasons why this may have been because:
1.) I don't think this line of tints is very popular
2.) Most people go for the pink or even red rather than the oranges

After looking through all the samples (BB creams, eyeliners, sleeping packs, powders etc.), I judged this to be in the best condition. It looked hardly used and it worked well with my skin tone when I tried it so I purchased it!
Welcome to my family of tints
... the colours are too vibrant in this but it's Kiss Lover Live Tint #3 Red,  Kiss Lover Live Tint #2 Orange, and Cat Chu Wink (Tony Tint) #1 Cherry Pink
Swatches: #3 Red, #2 Orange, #1 Cherry Pink
I like this line of tints because it's more gel-like than the watery tints which dry really quickly. You get some time to work with this formula. Even after dabbing it in the inner parts of your lips, you still have time to wipe the colour from your fingers to a piece of tissue so it doesn't stain your fingers.

I think this colour is really pretty! I like it a lot~ I used to use orange lip glosses and I think I will start up again soon. The scent isn't anything too spectacular; it doesn't really smell much of oranges. Just an artificial sweet scent and a tad bitter if you lick it.

Cost: $3.00 (original price $13.99)
Consistency: Watery
Pigmentation: 4/ 5
Moisturising: 3/5
Colour: 4/5
Scent: 3/5
Taste: 3/5
TL;DR: Another pretty tint from Tony Moly. I couldn't justify forking out the full $14 for this colour on the spot, but I like it enough to go home and think about it.

I reviewed Kiss Lover Live Tint #3 Red here:)

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink #1 Cherry Pink review

So... I went to the Tony Moly at Market City a few weeks ago and saw they finally sold Tony Tint (or Cat Chu Wink) in #1 Cherry Pink. ARRRGHHHHH. But they also sold the tiny samples for $3 so I purchased it. The full size is around $12.

Seriously, the tiny sample is worth $6??

All-in-all, I do like this tint. I love the colour more than the Tony Moly Kiss Lover Live Tint on my lips but I wouldn't necessarily reach for it more.

- smells amazing (like sweet, candy cherry)
- small size = convenient and can be used up (probably)
- pretty colour
- long lasting power

- have to work with the colour quickly
- pushing the wand in the bottle squeezes out the excess tint to go on the side of the cap:(
- drying. You need to wear balm with it
- emphases flaky lips
Cost: $2.99 (free-- isn't this supposed to be a sample?? Or just a sample-sized item??  =__=;;)
Consistency: extremely watery
Pigmentation: 5/ 5
Moisturising: 3/5
Colour: 5/5
Scent: 5/5
Taste: 3/5
Rating: 4.5/5
TL;DR: The sample size is worth trying... even if you do have to pay three bucks for it. I don't think I would have regretted buying the full version if I came across it when I really wanted it but I have too many tints.. for now^^

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Finally, an art-related WIP

I've started colouring this WIP again from ages and ages ago. I haven't drawn anything at all this year. I think it's because I stopped for most of last year and now I can't find the motivation to pick it up again. My entire 2013 folder is MT. TRULY EMPTY. Hopefully I can put this in it (but in reality, it belongs in the 2010 folder).

Life is going at me too fast these days... but yeah, I went to TonyMoly last week and yesterday and picked up more items. That post will be coming very soon in the near future.

Arrghhh we must reach 2.5million views for Exo's 'Wolf' this weekend! *shakes fist at SME*