Sunday, 30 June 2013

Tony Moly Kiss Lover Live Tint #2 Orange review

I went to the China Town Tony Moly inside Morning Glory and got this at a sample for sale at $3. I know some people may think that's gross but I got it because it was pretty much full. Some reasons why this may have been because:
1.) I don't think this line of tints is very popular
2.) Most people go for the pink or even red rather than the oranges

After looking through all the samples (BB creams, eyeliners, sleeping packs, powders etc.), I judged this to be in the best condition. It looked hardly used and it worked well with my skin tone when I tried it so I purchased it!
Welcome to my family of tints
... the colours are too vibrant in this but it's Kiss Lover Live Tint #3 Red,  Kiss Lover Live Tint #2 Orange, and Cat Chu Wink (Tony Tint) #1 Cherry Pink
Swatches: #3 Red, #2 Orange, #1 Cherry Pink
I like this line of tints because it's more gel-like than the watery tints which dry really quickly. You get some time to work with this formula. Even after dabbing it in the inner parts of your lips, you still have time to wipe the colour from your fingers to a piece of tissue so it doesn't stain your fingers.

I think this colour is really pretty! I like it a lot~ I used to use orange lip glosses and I think I will start up again soon. The scent isn't anything too spectacular; it doesn't really smell much of oranges. Just an artificial sweet scent and a tad bitter if you lick it.

Cost: $3.00 (original price $13.99)
Consistency: Watery
Pigmentation: 4/ 5
Moisturising: 3/5
Colour: 4/5
Scent: 3/5
Taste: 3/5
TL;DR: Another pretty tint from Tony Moly. I couldn't justify forking out the full $14 for this colour on the spot, but I like it enough to go home and think about it.

I reviewed Kiss Lover Live Tint #3 Red here:)


  1. Hi there- how were the prices at Tony Moly Market City? Did they have free samples?

    1. Hello! (Sorry for the late reply. I hope you see this^^;;)

      Some items at Market City were a lot cheaper than the Morning Glory prices (especially the one at China Town), but then there were some items at China Town that were a lot cheaper than Market City. From memory, the Crystal Blusher was around $8 at Market City and around $14 at Morning Glory. You can always check before you buy since both these branches are literally a street away from each other. If not, try the products in store and buy online.

      Unfortunately, Tony Moly doesn't provide free samples:( The only Korean makeup shops I've seen with free samples are Missha (only sometimes, coz I work at the QVB and I pass by often) and The Face Shop (Galleries/ World Square / Hurstville). From all the times I've purchased items at Tony Moly, I've never been given samples either...