Friday, 16 January 2015

Wearing my Alice dress...

I decided to do a little wardrobe test to see what I'd look like wearing the dress I made from the previous post.

I hate taking photos of myself on my cameraaaaa OTL. Not only is it hard without a tripod, I don't have a flip screen to see what I look like. Unfortunately, I also dislike doing photoshoots with photographers because I feel too self conscious. Guess it's back self-timer for me >_>

Urm, lots of weird mistakes with the photo (yes, there is a window on my left where the light hits). At least Rilakkuma is in focus! You also get a general idea of what the dress looks like when it is worn.

And, a selca of my makeup face! 

Here is a list of the makeup I am sporting on my face--

Monday, 12 January 2015

Alice-In-Wonderland JSK (Front-to-Back with Bustle)

I discovered Yumi King through Youtube last week. Her tutorials looked so easy and fun that I decided to make a dress. 

I specifically purchased fabric colours which reminded me of Alice. Altogether, the materials used to make this dress only cost $8.75, and took me approximately 13 hours to make.

This is the dress design I decided to use-->

I'm so proud of my non-existent sewing skills... I made the frills a bit differently, but I still think it looks okay for a n00b like me. I did however, sew the frills on the wrong way around at the bust, so they get folded down where my armpits are orz.

I think I'll make another dress from her tutorials soon:)

Sunday, 4 January 2015