Saturday, 18 December 2010

Old WIPs

If I don't put them up now... I probably never will orz. Also,  I should go to bed after this, but I haven't drawn for two days (and I dug up some sketches)///
 Lineart; looked like Shana. Hai thar Tenshi-chan <3 I hate drawing long hair because it takes 100x the effort than short hair to draw.


Base colour stage; starting to get annoyed because lines were too thin, and the magic tool didn't pick it up so I had to manually fill in the empty gaps.

Watching a Vocaloid video whilst apply level 1 shading. So boredddd *A*

Annoyed at the picture because I drew lots of bamboo (good looking stuff) that didn't fit with the moon I drew >_____<p

DOLL OF HOURAI FUJIWARA NO MOKOU ILY LOL. Only screenshot I have of her~ Tenshi Tenshi.

Blinking Luka by *cheriepy on deviantART

Uploaded this a few days ago. And this:

Oh dear, Luka got requested on formspring by Jason,so I drew Tako Luka +_+

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Oprah in Sydney

I entered the draw to win tickets to the Oprah Show, but I didn't win (obviously) ;A; It would have been nice to go-- I could have gone out today to the Opera House to go catch a glimpse of her. I'm not too good with crowds though, and camping out in the sun~ but watching her on TV now having fun in Australia makes me PTBA.

Poor Hugh Jackman -_-; At least it shows he's real.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Doll of Hourai

THIS I spent so much time trying to think of a background (30 days) and then 2 hours trying to draw fire and bamboo. When the fire didn't work I just erased it and kept on adding water and layer effects. At least it looks better than my attempt at water. I have two versions:

Fujiwara no Mokou by =cheriepy on deviantART

It's also nearly my birthday. I'm not feeling particularly excited because no one I know is going to get me anything and my dad isn't even in the country; but my mum says she's going to try and get me a cake. I can't remember the last time my mum bought me a cake for my b'day T^T

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

namie-kun, 東方

(small review on the artbook here -->


Namie-kun is finally releasing her much awaited Touhou artbook! It features guest artists I love such as luluseason, myhilary, KD, pcmaniac88. The only guest artist I haven't heard of it isxelle (I don't watch them, but their work is very pretty too).

It's more expensive than I would have thought, but this item is more rare than the pixiv quarterly... want badly!! *hyperventilates* adf;lajd Oh wait, I noticed I've already seen the guest art pieces from KD, pcmaniac88 and myhilary- I kinda wish they didn't post it. I was wondering why KD didn't post that picture of Reimu I had for my desktop for the past month on dA.

Dhiea's artbook... also want... 1000yen is a good price I think. As a ranking artist, and all her works she's drawn from 16-18 (so basically now). I'm going to ask if my friend if he likes her (he's going to Comiket!!).


If only I had loads of money and a credit card.

Drew this in October, the day I submitted the Murasa picture (which has now been over risen by the Reisen picture; first thing I have that has over 300 views:)