Saturday, 18 December 2010

Old WIPs

If I don't put them up now... I probably never will orz. Also,  I should go to bed after this, but I haven't drawn for two days (and I dug up some sketches)///
 Lineart; looked like Shana. Hai thar Tenshi-chan <3 I hate drawing long hair because it takes 100x the effort than short hair to draw.


Base colour stage; starting to get annoyed because lines were too thin, and the magic tool didn't pick it up so I had to manually fill in the empty gaps.

Watching a Vocaloid video whilst apply level 1 shading. So boredddd *A*

Annoyed at the picture because I drew lots of bamboo (good looking stuff) that didn't fit with the moon I drew >_____<p

DOLL OF HOURAI FUJIWARA NO MOKOU ILY LOL. Only screenshot I have of her~ Tenshi Tenshi.

Blinking Luka by *cheriepy on deviantART

Uploaded this a few days ago. And this:

Oh dear, Luka got requested on formspring by Jason,so I drew Tako Luka +_+

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