Sunday, 15 April 2012


Why is it now that thumbnails work? Must have been another temperamental net problem:( Will go back and fix the coding later.

Stress-relief sketch for the amazing Itemilicious~ except, like I have zero imagination and put her OC Aya back in the same situation I referenced her from. I read an interesting colouring tutorial, so the pencil and paper sketch ended up being crappily lined and then coloured... along with a dodgy looking background-___-;;

In other news, Kangin Oppa is going to be leaving the army tomorrow \0/ I do like his voice and his presence on variety shows:D It's also my yr7 bestie's b'day tomorrow~ gotta think of a cool message to write to her:'D

Friday, 13 April 2012

Free sketches and SuJu SS4 tickets

I got some really beautiful free sketches from itemilicious and superstarpanou who were doing the '10 free sketches' thing. Don't know why, but theOtaku links are not working so I can't link Temi's beautiful sketches here... likewise, for Panou's, the dA html code says it's broken!! WHY *flips table*
One day I need to do a compilation post of all the beautiful art trades and gift art I've gotten these three years I've been drawing:(

These girls are so talented and kind ;u; I really want to do the sketches thing as well, but I don't think I can get 10 people to request, and I'm constantly busy and in an art-blocked state.

BUT today-- my ticket and Maryn's ticket to Super Show 4 in Sydney arrived in the mail. Pew pew ~ yeahhhh.

I'm so sleepy at the moment... actually I'm sleepy all the time. I always feel like I haven't done much in a day and I've probably been slacking off again. Back to typing notes and doing research-____-

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Art trade

Quick sketch trade with superstarpanou from theO. I did a quick colour and all^^ BUT WRY SAI U CORRUPT ON ME AGAIN. This year, I'm drawing a lot of empty space. Yum.