Saturday, 12 October 2013

Sasa haul and review~ (more Korean and Japanese goodies ofc)!

I love, love, love visiting Sasa whenever I go to Hong Kong (I think I've got the two Mong Kok and the Tsuen Wan store layouts memorised by now). With all the raving reviews of Sasa floating around the interwebs, I decided to give their online shop a go. My experience with Sasa has always been positive and continue to be so as their prices are reasonable. 

I was lucky and was able to take advantage of Sasa's free shipping to Australia. All you had to do is spend over $29USD-- easy peasy with the dropping AUD conversion rate.

Hello there Dolly Wink

Here is what I ordered:

1.) Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX ($19USD)
2.) Dolly Wink (No. 13 Baby Girl) ($13.50USD)
3.) Candy Doll Cheek Colour (Strawberry Pink) ($16.80USD)
4.) Etude House Happy Tea Time Cleansing Foam ($4.90USD) Now sold out

My only impulse buy was the cleansing foam. I asked my friend to purchase the exact same foam for me in Korea but it was sold out. Then I asked another friend in Hong Kong to get it for me but she couldn't find it. When I saw it on the catalogue, I have to add it to my cart:)

Receipt of my purchase.

The Really Good...

Ordered: 25/9/13
Dispatched: 27/9/13
Received: 9/10/13 (package may have arrived a day earlier if not for the 7/10/13 being a public holiday)

It arrived much quicker than anticipated! It basically only took 6 working days to get to me in Australia which is incredible. Everything was packed nicely; my products were put in a bubble wrapped bag and cushioned with lots of foam bits. 

As I sit next to the mail order department in the office, I anticipated that Sasa would also re-use boxes they receive stock in as packaging. My box used to house hyaluronic essence... 

I'm a little surprised the package was sent out of Singapore and not Hong Kong. Perhaps Sasa has a warehouse there to process online orders? Maybe that's why it got here so quickly...?

The Not So Good

Not really Sasa's problem but it was SOOOO hot the day I collected this from the post office (39 degrees in Spring bleh). 

There was a receipt of my purchases printed on a sticker and stuck to the side of the box. I suppose it's for customs clearance but I feel like my package has no privacy. What if I ordered something really embarrassing or an extremely high ticket valued item? 

I only have one complaint; the Candy Doll blusher was the same price in HKD ($80HKD for every colour). However, prices were significantly jacked up when you viewed the product in USD or AUD. Moreover, the prices of each colour were different! For example, the Flamingo Pink was $11USD whilst the Strawberry Pink was $16.50USD. In HKD, the blush would have cost me around $10AUD but in actuality cost me $18AUD because my billing address is in Australia. I did not experience this problem with the other products I purchased and they converted to pretty much the same price from HKD to AUD

Paypal only used the conversion rate of .90 when I went through checkout. This made my overall $54.20USD purchase $60.13AUD when it really should have been $56AUD. I cried on the inside because I'm frugal and like scrimping money where possible.

I actually wanted my uncle to buy these things for me in HK and bring them over to me next year (he visits so many times a year). I don't know what happened but my mum told me to order it myself and just get it sent here. Oh well, I guess it's not as though I can't afford it. I'm going to give around the same amount to my friend in November for her wedding anyway, and each of my university applications were $60 lol.

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