Sunday, 7 February 2016

Innisfreeworld haul #2 all of the It's Real Squeeze Mask mini review

Still going through the backlog of my hauls... this is semi-recent. Innisfree had another 10 +10 mask sale in January 2016. I have depleted my current mask stash enough so I decided it was time to order again.

I purchased 120 masks at around 86c (AUD) per mask. In the month of January, Innisfree was running a free shipping promotion if you purchase over 50USD. 

Hurray for free DHL shipping! Innisfree used to ship via EMS but I've had a better (and quicker) experience with DHL. DHL also has a better tracking system than EMS imo. Thank you to my brother who signed for the package.

Ordered: 5/1/16
Shipped: 7/1/16
Received: 11/1/16

I spent 72USD, which was equivalent to 104.21AUD.

Hello there reciept.

Here's everything packed in more boxes, bubble wrap, and brown paper.

Here's what I purchased along with a mini review of why I repurchased it:

1. Cucumber x 5
- I just find this moisturising, nothing special

2. Aloe x 5
- also moisturising, nothing special

3. Bamboo x 5
- same as above; moisturising, nothing special. Smells very green.

4. Pomegranate x 10
- I really like the scent of this one. I think it dries down nicely. It is supposed to have firming functions.

5. Tea Tree x 5
- I use this one when I break out due to it's anti-bacterial properties. Does it perform miracles? Not really, but it helps to keep my skin clean

6. Green Tea x 10
- I didn't like this at first, but now I love the entire green tea line. This mask has a minty, cooling sensation and feels moisturising.

7. Rose x 10
- I don't like rose scents, so I wonder why I decided to get 10 of these. It's moisturising and does the job.

8. Manuka Honey x 10
- one of my favourites! I really love the scent (has a tinge of alcohol in it) but I feel it really brightens my face.

9. Rice x 10
- lotion mask that feels moisturising

10. Blackberry x 10
- same as above; another lotion mask that feels moisturising. I like this berry scent.

11. Shea Butter x 10
- my favourite lotion mask! This is super duper moisturising and I use it whenever my face feels very dry. Smells delicious even though I don't really know what Shea Butter is supposed to smell like.

12. Kiwi x 10
- another lotion mask. I think I liked the old Gold Kiwi version of this. Smells good and does a decent job of hydration.

13. Strawberry x 10
- I like this mask because of the scent. I felt meh about this before but now I really like it. It has a bit of an alcoholic tinge to it.

14. Acai Berry x 10
- a lotion mask that is very similar to the Blackberry one.

(Mini review of masks I didn't order: Bija is fine but I didn't think I needed more anti-trouble masks, and I hated the dishwasher scent of Lime. I do notice brightening effects from this though).

As a line, I give these masks three stars! Good masks for the price, aesthetically pleasing, wide variety of clear and milky essence varieties. Be careful that some masks contain alcohol to help absorbtion and dry down the formula.

Free samples:

You get to choose four free samples if you order above 60USD. All orders receive a free sample of the newly released Ginger Oil Serum. Orders over 70USD receive a Best Capsule Recipe Pack Collection.

1. Orchid Enriched Cream
2. Bija Anti-Trouble Skin
3. Bija Anti-Trouble Lotion
4. Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence
5. Ginger Oil Serum
6. Best Capsule Recipe Pack Collection

I'm really excited to try all of these, and in particular, the Canola Honey one:)

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