Friday, 12 February 2016

CIRACLE OST C20 Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum Review

Continuing the trend of what I said in my Laneige post... this OST vitamin C serum now has a new family member and the entire brand had a name change. *hang head in shame* Don't worry, I used my bottle up in 2013 and had kept notes on my thoughts.

I decided to purchase a vitamin c serum to help lighten the hyperpigmentation on my face. As you can see, the dropper is packaged separately.

This is the old packaging. The new packaging says 'C20'.
A replenishing facial treatment infused with vitamin C.

How to use: Place a few drops on your face or palms and pat into your skin after cleansing (yes, you may want to use a pH adjusting toner or wait up to an hour for your skin to rebalance itself). Remember to wash your hands afterwards or you might end up staining your hands orange!

Contents: 30ml

Cost: 24,900won

Vitamin C is an active and it has potential to cause purging, especially if you are overzealous in using it when you first get it. Remember to patch test and to slowly ease into using it. Also, store this is a cold, dark place (like the fridge). I stored mine in my cosplay-skincare wardrobe. Make sure you use your product before it oxidises and turns orange. It should be a clear liquid when you first open it. I finished using my bottle in around a month and a half, with three drops each application, once a day.

This vitamin C did nothing for me. Nothing at all. It didn't break me but I did not see a vast improvement in my hyperpigmentation. Personally, I have seen much better result from using AHA and I plan to keep on using that. I have zero plans of trying out anything else from C20.

/ 5

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