Monday, 15 February 2016

NARUKO Raw Job's Tears Supercritical CO2 Pore Minimizing & Brightening Night Gelly

NARUKO is a highly regarded Taiwanese brand produced by Niuer, a beauty and skincare expert. I knew I had to pick up something by NARUKO when I went to Taiwan in early 2015 (wow, that was a year ago!). I decided to pick up a Night Gelly.

The Raw Job's Tears line is supposed to minimise pores and brighten the complexion. The night gelly is essentially a sleeping pack.

What they say: Hydrates, softens, minimizes pores and brightens skin tone.

Directions: With the included spatula, retrieve two pea-sized amount and apply evenly over the face each evening. No rinsing necessary.

Skin types: For all skin types, especially for the skin with uneven complexion and visible pores.

Contents: 60g

Cost: approximately 15-20AUD

Ingredients for the curious.

Comes with a spatula on the top of the lid.

The Night Gelly. You can see little bubbles.
First off, I loved the scent of this product. It smells like Chinese herbal medicine. Very relaxing and perfect for application right before bedtime. I also enjoyed the thick gel-like consistency. You really didn't need that much in order to cover your face to seal in all your previous skincare steps. My face felt soft and hydrated when I washed the mask off in the morning.

No cons about this product. It didn't break me out though I did not see any pore minimisation (my pores are not that large to begin with) and I saw some brightening effects. Yay.

/ 5

I would repurchase this again, but it is a bit costly for what it is and it is not as easily as accessible to me than the Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Pack. I would love to try other skincare items from NARUKO in the future.

Bonus: You can fold a Business Card Case from the box. I did it but it is stuffed to the brim with business cards-_-

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