Sunday, 21 February 2016

Nature Republic By Flower Lip Balm EXO Suho Honey Lemon Review

I love love love lip products. And EXO. I had a hard time deciding whether or not to purchase this in my second last day of Hong Kong in February 2015. I was with my twinnie Gabriel who was visiting Hong Kong from Singapore during Chinese New Year. Most of the shops were closed but Nature Republic was opened and the EXO standees in front of the store kept on enticing me to come in and buy stuff so I went in and bought stuff:/

This By Flower Lip Balm is a clear lip balm that changes to a nature pink colour on contact with heat. It gives your lips a naturally pinkish red flush. Other than that, the main selling point is that there is a picture of an EXO member and their autograph when you open the lid! Etude House did something similar with SHINee's autograph a few years ago, but their lip balm was opaque which means you have to finish the entire product before you can reveal the autograph.

My favourite member is Baekhyun, but I also have extreme soft spots for D.O, Kai, Chen, and ex-member Luhan. I'm starting to have a bit of a soft spot for Sehun as well.

The lip balms come in three flavours:
1. Peach
2. Rose
3. Honey Lemon

I only like the Peach flavour, but I think I could only find Xiumin so I didn't buy him. There was also lots of Kris and Tao and a few of Suho. I really loved Suho's blonde hair in the Overdose era so I purchased a Honey Lemon lip balm with him in it. I think this is the second release of the balm (second press pictures) as I remember seeing Suho with dark hair when the balms were first released.

How to use: Apply liberally on lips

Price: 66HKD

This lip balm is more like a lipgloss. It is sticky and gives a bit of a sheen when you put it on. Due to its stickiness and colour, I really disliked using my finger to apply it as it would always stain my finger afterwards. it was difficult to apply the balm neatly and I would always see colour outside my lipline-- you should only apply it when you have a mirror handy. Because of the colour of the balm, once the dead skin on your lips become flaky, your lips start to look patchy which is something I didn't like.

I also did not like the scent and after a few months, the sweet scent disappeared and it had a glue-like scent. Still, I finished using it because I enjoyed twisting open the lid to see a smiling Suho. Good job Nature Republic marketing and product design team for taking my money. The Face Shop really missed out on capitalising their contract with EXO-K back in 2012 when they were still rookies.

/ 5

I wouldn't repurchase again just for the product. I wish I found a Peach one with Baekhyun or D.O.

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