Monday, 31 January 2011

Namie-kun's Touhou artbook update II

(small review on the artbook here -->

OMG;klajdf;kajdf I was the first winner for a print (order number 4)! SO HAPPY ;u; I chose the Vocaloid one. Hopefully I'll get that too~ I asked Namie-kun to sign the book for me. Since I was one of the first fifteen to order, I also recieve a never before seen print *waku waku* , a pre- order discount and a secret gift (something to do with Ayayaayayaa).
I also just saw 'The Green Hornet' today with my friends in the city. Hey, it was actually good. I still don't know who Jay Chau is, but he looks cool doing martial arts:D
Old WIP:
When I was colouring this, I thought it looked like Byakuren. Everything looks like Touhou to me.

I was playing around with my Rin/ Len shimeji, and look what they did? Dawww, so adora-bubble I want to huggle them.

I did this last year to remind myself of the SAI tools. There's not that many, and yet I still haven't actually figured how to utilze everything 100%. For instance, pen and inkpen look the same to me, but apparently inkpen is 40% sharper. I like the pen tool more.

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  1. Haha I know who Jay Chou is! He's a singer and actor from Taiwan :P
    But I don't listen to his stuff much thou XDDD