Thursday, 6 January 2011

You know you're going crazy when...

You keep on picking up your tablet pen (when your tablet is in a box) and trying to use it as a normal pen orz.
119 has posted up at least seven things in the past two days ALL HIGH AND AMAZING QUALITY for the Touhou comp. I swear, I don't know if going on dA or pixiv gives me more demotivation. At least... I'm out of my lineart block. I had a hard time colouring skin today... it took five tries to get it right. Must work hard for my submission. It's not particularly great, creative, imaginative or inspiring-- just more the usual from me, but at least I'm working on something. I'm going to finish cutting out my material for Ciel's suit tomorrow, and  hopefully get started on the background for my picture and get some colour themes.
Before I forget
entered this picture into a competition on pixiv; it's almost at 600 views in a week~ ohhh kinda ashamed and embarrased because it's not that great, and I gave it a silly title, but I would be so estatic if it makes it through to the second round:D Working on Satori as the next attackkkkk (and I'm currently working on three pictures at once *again*). Digging out old cds and listening to Matchbook Romance gahhh I need to get into bands that are still actually producing new music:/ Night.

Current WIP. It's getting cleanerrrrr. Still haven't figured out how to crop in SAI- there's also no photoshop on the comp I'm using now so haha, white, filler space and extra extra large.

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