Monday, 31 January 2011

Happy birthday Luka + Dhiea's artbook 「新約」 (+ scans link)

It was Luka's second birthday yesterday (30th of Jan). She still has one of the best voices for Vocaloid, in my opinon. I actually quite like Nekomura Iroha's voice as well (the Hello Kitty Vocaloid!)- but yeah, her cute looks don't match her deep, mature voice and she doesn't have enough songs floating around. Luka FTW.
Of course Luka's birthday cake has a tuna on it. Of course.
On Saturday, my friend bought back to me Dhiea's artbook from C79. Find her here. So happy! And grateful! And thankful! I wanted to pay him back, but he insisted on giving it to me as a present ;u;

(edit: someone scanned the whole thing. You can see it here. Lol, maybe one day if I'm bored enough/ have time I'll translate the story with notes =w=)

It's 40 pages, printed on high quality paper. Her illustrations are simply stunning, but I was disappointed that 98% of the pictures can be found high resolution on the internet. There were only three I hadn't seen before, but they were in the preview on the banner (just smaller size) in an advertisement for this book, so I kinda count that as having seen the artwork.

The book is split into two sections--
1.) Original (as the title says; her characters such as Dhiea Seville)
2.) Parody (basically fanart)
There was also a short story at the back, two character sheets and a message from Dhiea. I found it a little 'silly' (forgive for the lack of a more suitable word) that she had the cover printed on the inside again. I got hyped up for the book when some of the stuff she submitted on pixiv in December made weekly and monthly ranking. Noticeably the pieces 'feeling heart' and the fanart for Sound Horizon's 'Marchen' is missing GAH. I was looking forward to seeing it in print.

Here are some of the pieces which were not in it Q_Q

Flandre + Remilia
Vocaloid! Saihate (the 'Feeling Heart' piece)

The 'Marchen' piece. She called it 'Seven days of light, seven days of darkness' (七つの光、七つの闇)
There was also many pieces of her original art that I'm sure she would have drawn between 16-18 that didn't make the cut. I thought the first two would at least be in it, because it they were used as banners to advertise the book itself!
Oh well, but overall, I'm happy with it. Now, I'm waiting for Namie-kun's Touhou Fanbook to arrive sometime between this week and next week. Waiting. Painfully (because some lucky people who went to Waicon the past weekend already purchased their copy minus the shipping price and the extra waiting. GAHHHHHH). I think Namie's artbook is also 40 pages.
Dhiea's art book = 500 yen
Namie's art book = $30 AUD
I hope it's worth it.

(edit: arggh actually some of those pieces were printed in other artbooks-- like the 'Feeling Heart' piece released at C79 as well:)

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