Sunday, 10 April 2011

extra bossu!

I hardly play Touhou 6 but I tried the extra stage just then (first try!) and ended up seeing Flandre (oooohhh I love her theme <3 Credits to Steel for helping me find the link to some lovely arranges). Finished 44.9% of the extra stage (lolz, I only took one of her ten lives). 

I've only ever seen Mokou in playing extra bosses. I'm not very good at games, but I want to play more in the holidays! So busy at the moment-- have to study, study, assignment, assignment. But I've been lazy a bit and stayed up late to go on art sites and stuff:/ 
WIP from awhile ago. Don't get to draw much these days T_T Saw I got on the leaderboard rankings today on theO. Yeah. I wish Namie-kun and Lulu could save their livestreams so I can go back and watch them. I've only caught them on twice~ I like watching them draw and listening to their chat. My friend said he got me my artbookkkkkk!! Just have to wait for it to be delivered now:D

Oh yes, and a few weeks ago I entered Juu-Yuki's OC contest. This is my entry =w=

Juu Yuki OC Contest by ~cheriepy on deviantART

There are so many beautiful entries I don't think I even stand a chance ;______;

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