Monday, 10 December 2012

Love sick

Constant artblock! I haven't drawn in so long, my anatomy is going backwards and getting worse and worse... if that's possible. I did a rough one of Exit Tune's new Vocaloid 3 Mayu yesterday. I love that she's a yandere goth loli. She even has an axe covered with sweet loli bows:DD

Does anyone think her design is really similar to Namine Ritsu's? Or is it just me?

Seriously, it took me ages to figure out what was happening in SAI. I thought that my canvas size was displayed on the side, and I was wondering why every time I did a short-cut for changing sizes, it wasn't displayed at the side. Turns out I was looking at opacity the entire time orz. Fail much...? I'd like to draw more, but it's not coming to me. Maybe after I finish playing the last route of 999, Kirby Mass Attack, and finishing off PKMN White?

I PRE-ORDERED NAMIE-KUN'S NEW ARTBOOK A FEW WEEKS AGO ZOMG. Get your pre-order of Phantasmagoria here. My only doujin purchase of this year. I know it'll be worth it because I enjoyed her last Touhou release immensely.

I've been feeling really love sick recently. Not sure how though because it doesn't make sense. But I'm feeling it. My layyydehhhh, baybehhh dunnn creyyyy x 1000 EXO feels.

My birthday is coming up this weekend! I gave a huge shopping list for my friend in HK. Haha, so that's where the money from my new job is going huh.

I'd also like to do a mass post of my artbook collection and all the nice makeup I've accumulated in 2012. 

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