Friday, 7 September 2012

I saw Nu'est and RLAB

So stressed... the day before yesterday, my usb decided to corrupt/ delete everything on it by itself (along with my written drafts...). I had not backed up my drafts for around 9 days because I've been working off my usb in the labs and studying (i.e., not writing) at home. I had re-written at least 10 paragraphs and not re-saved them onto my laptop or anywhere else. Stupid, I know.

Luckily, I managed to recover my introduction and results draft, but the usb decided to eat up my method draft and some of the random ideas and references I had for my discussion. Lesson learned. SAVE EVERYWHERE. Everything you think that may go wrong will go wrong D: Just like that time I snapped my glasses whilst changing into uniform on the day of a very, very important 9am exam. I can't see 10cm in front of me without glasses...

It's times like these, you need to ROLL LIKE A BUFFALO*.

* patiently waiting for EXO's comeback. Are they really going to release 'Let Out the Beast'? Please say yessssss. And 'Baby Don't Cry'.


I saw Nu'est a few weeks ago! Ren is really, really, pretty in person (tall and slim) and Aron's American accent ;lakjdf;kajsf;asd. JR is very handsome, and his smile (!) makes you want to smile too. Baekho's so sweet. When it wasn't his turn to dance or sing, he broke out of his position to wave to the audience~ and he waved in my general direction hahaha...  I didn't pay much attention to Minhyun coz I was too busy staring at Ren and Aron:/

I lined up for 4 hours, and just managed to get inside-- only the first 700 or so people were allowed inside the venue. I met some really nice girls in the line. They went to the Nu'est fanmeet at 7am (skipped school), then went to the kpop store in China Town-- and bumped into Nu'est there! Lucky girls. I think it's really cute how they brought presents and handwritten notes for the boys.

Candice (who I met in line) got her shirt signed by Aron. She almost got a hug from him too! 

Le blurry phone photo of the ticket
Girls I met in line... they were really nice and fun to talk to :D

So many fangirls running out of their seats after 'Face'. Nu'est all simultaneously took five steps back. 

So much screaming... 

This was Nu'est's tour van. No joke. There were multiple suns on the side of the van. Their manager is pretty good looking >_>

Uh, I was waiting for my dad to pick up at the gate 2 carpark @ UNSW around two hours after the event... and guess who I bumped into. So many people screaming when they came out. I guess there were only around 80 or so people waiting outside. Baekho did a heart from the window. Awwww. I waved at him again:)

The event was great! There were 10 singing acts and 10 dancing acts.

The group that won first prize for the dance competition did an amazing cover of SHINee's 'Sherlock'. Two dance groups did EXO-K's version of 'History' and Nu'est asked them why they didn't choose one of their songs to do a dance cover lol. There were also dance covers of  2NE1's 'I Am the Best', SHINee's 'Lucifer', SHINee's 'Love Like Oxygen' and some MissA and 2PM. I clearly only remembered SHINee stuff.

Time to get some motivation and back to late night working!

/I will come out of my cave in around a month and a half.

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