Monday, 24 February 2014

Rilakkuma Valentine's Day Chocolate~

Edwin got me A LOT of Rilakkuma stuff as a 'farewell' present for finishing up a year of work. What a nice nii-chan he is. One of the things he got me was a Rilakkuma chocolate decorating kit. I think he inadvertently just wanted to receive some chocolate for Valentine's Day (and I delivered!). 

I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Rilakkuma chocolate decorating kit

Instructions on the back


- 8 x Rilakkuma character chocolates 
- 1 x chocolate decorating pen
- 1 x packet of decorations
- 8 x Rilakkuma design sleeves
- 8 x wire bits

My finished products:)


The sprinkle decorations are really pretty right? The whole kit was pretty fun, but I nearly had a mental breakdown using tweezers to put on EVERY SUGAR PARTICLE. 

I gave out all the chocolates and everyone was happy. Except Tom, because he actually got the chocolate on Valentine's Day and now he says he has to get me something on White Day. Jewelry plz.

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