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Nature Republic x EXO Natural Butter Lip Balm 01 Cherry (Baekhyun) & 02 Strawberry (Chen) Review

I saw Nature Republic released these lip balms on my birthday in December 2015. I lusted after these for the longest time, but then rationalised that buying the hand creams were better value. A single lip balm is 6000 won, but you get two tubes of hand cream and a photocard for 6600 won. So I decided not to get the lip balms.

Every time I went wandering around in the city, I would go into one of the many shops which sell Korean and Japanese makeup and look at their testers. I kept on swatching these lip balms and convincing myself that they weren't worth it (even though they smell really, really good). I love the Nature Republic Wild Cherry hand cream that got discontinued a year or two ago and kept on thinking maybe, just maybe, I should pick up the Cherry version of this lip balm because the scent was so similar. Baekhyun (who happens to be my bias) is also on the packaging.

I didn't cave in towards the end of December 2016 when the shop started to trying to clear their EXO lip balm stock. They were specifically just having a sale on these lip balms. It was $12 for one, or $15 for two and came with a EXO post it note standee (from wayyyy back when EXO started being brand ambassadors for Nature Republic and they were 12). I really wanted to buy the EXO-M and EXO-K standees from Testerkorea, but couldn't justify another order back in late 2013/early 2014. I thought about it for a few more weeks and eventually went into the store mid-January to make my purchase.

Contents: 4g

Price: 6000 won

What they say: Moisturising lip balm keeps the lips soft all day long with deep moisturising natural butter.

Directions: Apply an appropriate amount on the lips as needed whenever the lips feel dry.

Caution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use if signs of irritation or rashes occur.

My Thoughts

I got Baekhyun because duh. I wanted a strawberry one because I love red lip products and chose Chen. I would have liked to pick up a grapefruit flavour in D.O, and a mango flavour in Suho as well as Sehun's mint flavour. Common sense told me I had too many lip products already and only one pair of lips. Also, my wallet told me that $7.50 for a lip balm is freaking over priced no matter how good it smells and how pretty it is packaged to appeal to fangirls.

The strawberry lip balm scent is reminiscent of the Body Shop's Strawberry Born Lippy whilst the cherry one smells like cherry candy. Both are tinted lip balms. They both look pigmented in hand swatches but the effect is attenuated when you use the balms on the lips (but it might be because I have pigmented lips). I think the effect is more vibrant in real life and I like how lively it makes my lips look. A mascara + lip balm look with this balm would be pretty!

Although the balm feels decently moisturising upon first application, I always feel the need to top it up an hour or so later. The more top ups I do, the drier my lips start to feel. I haven't used a 'proper' lip balm for a long time so I don't feel I can compare or benchmark the performance of this lip balm to another lip balm. I will however, say that it doesn't do as good a job as my trusty Pawpaw Ointment. 

If my lips are dry and cracking, this lip balm wouldn't be something I would reach for. It is fine for use in Summer right now, but I don't expect that it would be as soothing in Winter.

Also something to note: since these balms are made from butter, they melt very easily. There has been a few days when I took a balm with me in my handbag to work. Even through just normal commuting, you can see that the balm was starting to melt.

See what I mean with the lip swatches below? My lips pretty much all look the same, though I think there is a difference between my bare lips and when I apply the strawberry lip balm the most.

- smells nice
- lightly tints lips
- comes in different flavours and colours
- moisturising on first application

- colour settles into cracks of lips and dead skin on lips
- dries lips over time
- melts easily

TL;DR: I wouldn't repurchase but I am happy I got them to add to my EXO collection. I enjoy both the colours.

/ 5


I was disappointed when the sales lady said they didn't do the EXO post it note standees promotion anymore because the sold out. She was really nice though, and pulled out two fans that the shop used to sell for $3 each, or $5 for two (lol I remember the most useless things). She gave me a Chen and a D.O one. 

My inner EXO fangirl is satiated. For now (I want to get the 2017 collection!!).

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