Monday, 27 February 2017

Anna and Peter's Wedding!

I'm going to do something a bit more different today and share a bit more of my daily/personal life. This was the intent of my blog when I first started in 'blogging' in uni-- I just wanted this to be an online version of what I did day-to-day and share some pictures. From the change in the content of my posts over the years, you can clearly tell that my interests have shifted.

Anna was my first friend in year 7 in high school. She was very smart and came first in the grade for History and English whereas I only came first in the school for Maths (lol, I suck at maths now and hate it). I moved to a selective school in year 8 and although we still kept in touch, we didn't hang around each other as much. In year 11, she applied to come to my school and also moved over to be a selective kid!

In 2013, she got engaged to Peter whom she met at uni and she said that they were going to get married in 2017. Well 2017 finally came and I was super excited to go to Anna's wedding! As usual, Alvo and I hung out together haha (4ever alone).

I was dumb and didn't bring my camera to the wedding or the reception because I thought my brand new shiny phone would take decent enough photos. Wrong. Many of my photos came out blurry. Urgh. Here's a select few which are not blurry.

Anna and Peter are both Greek Orthodox. The church where the wedding was held is beautiful.

There were several men hired throughout the day to film the wedding. One of the men had a trolley running through when Anna was walking down the aisle. He stepped on her beautiful wedding dress and she couldn't keep on walking forward because his foot was holding down her dress. You could hear everyone gasp and it wasn't until a few seconds later when the camera men realised he trampled on Anna's dress and he stepped off. Lol.

This was one of the stretch hummers which carried the bridesmaids and groomsmen to the botanical gardens in the city to shoot a film. Anna and Peter travelled in a convertible.

We were given a cookie to eat and some flower petals and rice to throw at Anna and Peter when they came out of the church. They were so cute! Anna got heaps of rice stuck in her hair though:/

I went back home for a bit then headed to Alvin's place so we could go to the reception! There were like 200 people at the reception it was crazy. So much alcohol and partying. Anna wore her wedding dress throughout the night and all the guests of honour sat at the front. I found it funny how all the guests of honour had to dance when they walked into the venue to music and a groomsmen had to walk in with a bridesmaid. We even had to stand up and clap whilst the waiters served the meals to the guests of honour-- it was like everyone was a celebrity haha.

This is one of the starters on the table. There was also bread, orange juice, coke, lots of champers and beer on the table.

My appetizer. It was smoked salmon and potato salad.

This was Alvin's appetizer. I can't remember what it was... I tried to take a photo of the menu but it came out blurry as f*ck.

There was a beautiful fresh seafood platter of prawns and oysters that I didn't take a photo of. Apparently that was bought by the hosts (Anna/Peter's parents) for the guests.

My main was a chicken. I don't really like chicken served like this but I ate it anyway.

Alvin's steak looked a lot more appetizing than mine, but I don't really like steak when it's not cooked to well done.

Creme brulee! It was freaking delicious but I couldn't finish it because I was so full from all the eating and I was getting calorie conscious. 

We took some photo booth photos. I kept on thinking there were only two shots rather than three and I kept of trying to leave the booth too early lol.

We stayed and watched the 'movie' made of the special events of that day, watched Anna and Peter cut the wedding cake, and then went home. It was a fun day and I'm so proud and happy for both Anna and Peter:)

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