Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Things from Hong Kong (snacks and Sasa purchases)

My brother went over to Hong Kong between November 2016 - end of January 2017. My dad said my brother won a $300 voucher to shop at Wellcome so he spent it all on snacks lol.

My favourites are the Roller Coasters in BBQ and Fish Biscuits. I love all different types of potato chips and gummy candies as well. I'm so happyyyy. I've already polished off the dried squid and a bag of chips (because it burst open in the suitcase). The dried mango is next heh. My brother said most of the snacks were for his friends though, so I don't know what I can or can't eat T^T

Since it was Chinese New Year whilst my brother was there, all our relatives were giving him red pockets. Some of them gave me red pockets as well which was unexpected! Here are some of the envelopes. My mum gave me $20 lol. 

 My dad went over to Hong Kong too, but for work. My dad only stayed there for a week or so. My dad got me the things I asked my cousin Christina to pick up for me. I asked for two bottles of my favourite Hada Labo Lotion in Moist, and two bottles of the Sofymo Speedy Cleansing Oil. Sasa just so happened they were having a sale for this cleansing oil where there was a free refill.

 As you can see, it was only $48 HKD for the full sized cleansing oil and the refill (around $10 AUD)... it costs $15-$20 for me to buy the same thing in Sydney. Crazy.

I'd like to travel overseas sometime this year. I think I will have enough leave to take some time off in the next few months so I'm looking forward to it:D

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