Saturday, 4 March 2017

Drawing update

Towards the end of 2016, one of my friends asked me what I've been drawing lately. The answer was 'nothing'. Because I just haven't been feeling it at all. I tried to get back into drawing but it's so difficult and I don't know why I'm having a block.

Might be lack of inspiration, lack of concentration, and lack of motivation. Every night when I come home I just want to wind down by listening to music, watching a few videos on Youtube, and scroll through Reddit. I then have dinner, go for a run, have a shower, and go to bed. I get home at 7pm and go to sleep at around 11pm. There's not that much time in between for me to do other things anymore (like read, watch TV, watch anime, draw, sew etc.) because I'm so tired when I get home. My weekends are unexpectedly filled with cleaning and trying to destress from the past week.

Here's some progress pictures of a sketch from December. I'd like to be able to finish at least one sketch soon.

On the right is a picture of Fujii Lena I started drawing end of 2015. As you can see, I haven't worked on it at all... and no progress on Frejya from 21st of Dec 2016 to 22nd of Jan 2017 orz. Maybe I'll finish it before the end of March? I just literally have to do the shading. I don't think I'll do a background.

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