Friday, 3 March 2017

Some other things I did in February 2017

Another post with some photos of things I do throughout the week:

We went to a Japanese restaurant to celebrate my brother's birthday. We ordered a lot more sushi and sashimi but I didn't take photos because I was so hungry^^;

This was the soft shell crab roll. So yummy.

Wagyu yakiniku! So delicious... my mum doesn't eat seaweed or fish so she ate this and some soft shell crab. My dad calculated that between himself, my brother, and I, we all had to eat 15+ pieces of sushi to finish what we ordered. Of course we didn't finish it all, so we took the leftovers home.

The night after, I went to a different Japanese restaurant to eat teishoku (set meal). I had one that had beef, tonkatsu, and a piece of tempura. Yummy. I went with Helen, Yu Jin, and Mat.

It was Helen's last day hanging out with us before she moves interstate to start her new job ;__; My cosplay buddy. My phone camera pictured up the lighting really strangely.

Yu Jin got us some souvenirs from Korea. She remembered I liked Gudetama and got me a chopstick holder and this funny looking coin purchase. It has a cute Gudetama charm at the back (which I didn't take a photo of orz). She also gave me two Tony Moly Pokemon samples. Pikachu is a moisturising face wash, and Eevee is a powder scented hand cream. They're too cute to use ^_^

I saw this complete works of Jane Austen at the Salvos during my lunch break. I really wanted to get it, but then I thought that it could be a waste of my $6 if I find out I don't actually enjoy her works and just leave it on my shelf. Besides, I could just borrow everything from the library for free...

Nonetheless, I told Yu Jin about it because she loves reading. She was enthusiastic about this so I purchased it for her. It's still at work but she said I could hang onto it to read it before giving it to her lol.

Look how pretty the pages are lajksdf;asd;fkas I can't. It was originally $35 so $6 for all of Jane Austen's works is a bargain.

These are the novels in the book.

I had a terrible craving for Caeser salad so I went out to Alidi and purchased a salad kit to eat for lunch. It was two servings... I ate it all lol.

That was part of my week in pictures!

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