Tuesday, 30 November 2010

I want this for my birthday


I've been eying this book ever since I saw it on pixiv around August. I really admire Miwa Shiro VOCALOID work. His pictures are always beautiful, detailed, imaginative, and in short, amazing. I saw it yesterday at Kinokuniya for $28 or so *kira kira eyes* ;w;

Oh yeah, of course that picture is bookmarked on my pixiv.

ARRRGHHHH 127 pgs of inspiration. That or a hair straightener that works. Hmm, there is much else that I want. Maybe the new MCR album? I've been asking my dad to buy me shares for the past x number of months/ years and he always says 'Yes. Do your own research.' I just want something stable I can get a little bit of return from in ten years.

Yesterday I went K with some anime friends and we sang so many VOCALOID songs ahhhh.

Also submitted a different version of Black Rock Shooter on deviantart. I drew in the star on her clothes, changed a little bit of the shading in her hair (not that you can tell) and gave the cannon some blue so now it looks more purple rather than red.

-a world of darkness- BRS by =cheriepy on deviantART

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