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Jolse haul #3 (Etude House Etude Pink Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Limited Edition Lipstick) swatch + review

Just a quick review. Still gutted that I spent ages writing a very long haul and review I did on Testerkorea that got deleted (!). It was filled with my OHUI and Laneige purchases.

For this purchase with Jolse, I waited until it was their 10% off Etude House week and used a $5 coupon I won from their Facebook competition from awhile back.

Pictures from Etude House's Facebook page--

How gorgeous is the packaging?? I decided I had to have it even though I'm not fond of pink (but I think that's starting to change with my collection of PINK makeup). 

I only ordered one item: Etude House Etude Pink Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Limited Edition Lipstick ($12.98USD)

Ordered: 17/9/14 (Wednesday night)
Shipped: 22/9/14 (Monday)
Received: 1/10/14 (Wednesday)


Samples~ I always write in the message 'Prefer no Tony Moly... and I always get something from Tony Moly orz. 

Free samples: 

  1. Lioele Intensive Time Reversing Snail Cream
  2. Lioele Fresh Sun Screen
  3. Tony Moly Tomatox Magic Massage Pack

Special edition Dear My Blooming Lips-talk box.

When you open it... oohhhh pretty.

There's no number for this lipstick. It's simply called 'Etude Pink', which is the exact shade of Etude House's signature pink.

The tip was smushed onto the lid inside, and there was a large scrape on the bullet D:

Swatch (sorry my hands are always gross looking -_-)

Jolse Overview
So all in all, it took two weeks from order to receive. I was a tiny bit worried because soon after I ordered, the lipstick was sold out. This was the longest I've ever had to wait for Jolse to ship something to me (including the times I've purchased from their ebay site). They also did not send me a shipping notification like they usually do so I had to manually go back onto the website to check the status myself. Due to their website problem, my registered name turned back into 'null' and that was written on my shipping address! I messaged them through the one on one service to change the name the product was billed to, but they changed it to my name which was not what I wanted. It didn't matter though because it was at the right address.

As you can see, my lipstick came damaged with the tip gone and a scrape on the bullet. The customer service team was very professional, efficient, and helped me get a partial refund when I notified them^^

Overall Thoughts on the Lipstick
I'm going to straight out say that I really dislike the florally scent of this lipstick (its got the same scent as the Pink Talk PK015). I prefer the orange scent of the Exciting Orange OR205 one... 

The lipstick itself is a very pretty pink and looks very natural when you apply it onto the lips. There's lots of micro shimmers which makes the formula a bit gritty when you apply it onto your lips. However, the lipstick does not accenture dry or chapped lips and doesn't apply streaky. It covers up more pigmented lips quite nicely if you pair it with the pink Fresh Cherry Tint and a bit of lip concealer. The shimmers can be made less noticeable if you apply a balm (such as Papaw) on top of it. I find myself doing this a lot because I detest shimmers in things which are not eye, nail, or highlighting products.

The packaging is so pretty. There's glitter on the tulle, and the princess 'E' design is secured onto the base with a pink elastic. Beautiful twist on the classic Dear My Blooming Lips talk line. I think it's very elegant and looks nicer than the new Dear My Wish Lips Talk line.


Pink and pretty. Packaging is not particularly functional but I wasn't expecting to take it out everywhere with me. Formula is passable but the glitters stick everywhere! Would purchase again to add to the collection (I'm eyeing the Happy Ending stuff...)

 ☆☆+half/ 5

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